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    I am "still here".
    As usual, quietly regressing alone by myself and not bothering anyone.
    Yes, of course I am diapered.
    Incontinent physically and developmentally disabled older adults like me have to be diapered to keep clothing and bedding clean and dry.
    I have been quietly playing with my dolly friends and my toy cars and trucks.
    I have lots of toy cars and trucks.
    But, I am lonely, and I would like to play with my toy cars and trucks with another Autistic Adult Baby.
    I try very hard to be a good boy.
    Am I a good little boy?
    Sometimes I do not know.
    I am not supposed to have a dirty brain.
    But, adult thoughts and feelings still come, and upset me.
    I am not supposed to be dirty inside.
    I am supposed to be little, not big.

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    Well, that's the paradox of being both an adult and an adult baby. The two are going to occasionally come in conflict with one another. I'm sorry you don't have someone to play with, or at the very least, some pleasant company. I have a number of friends but their all adult relationships, which actually is what I want. I have my wife to share my little side with and that's enough.

    But everyone should have someone that they can share themselves with. I think you're right in that you need to find someone who is much like you. I'm not sure about how you would go about that.

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    I know of 2 autistic AB's within an hours drive, but regular face-to-face contact is not practical on a regular basis.
    Anyway, I am pretty solitary in my adult baby regression.
    Yes, my younger brother knows that I am an Adult Baby.
    He is not an Adult Baby.
    He does understand my need to regress and play.

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    I can relate a bit to being solitary.

    I do not have anyone to share my little side with. I surf the net at times for like-thinking people but I do not know that I will ever form anything more than friendship. Age may have a bit to do with it as most people are the age of my children or younger. I may try going to an upcoming event where there are other littles. It would be the first time I would be with others face to face.

    Being myself, by myself, is pretty much the only thing I have known.

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