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Thread: Is anyone deaf Or hard of hearing

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    Default Is anyone deaf Or hard of hearing

    Can you Tell me details about it. I have a hearing disorder where i mix up letters and Cant Hear in nosy situations, there i See peoples Mouths Moving but there might as well be no sound coming out. I am learning Sign Language als i Want to join Deaf Culture. Ok, i Know i am not completly deaf. Also is it wierd that i Want to be deaf just for a Few Hours and Switch back to hearing again. A but of a wierd Thread i Know. I just Want to See if People have the Same Thing as me.

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    Is that meant to he funny? How original... But if you really hard of hearing ignore my comment. No offence meant...

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    I'm not hard of hearing, but I have a lot of trouble in noisy spaces sometimes. If multiple people are talking I have to really concentrate to hear what is being said or I hear everything and comprehend nothing. Sometimes I just completely zone out and my eyes glaze over. I was at a meetup once and a guy had to wave his hand in front of my face to snap me out of it. lol

    My hearing is fine though. I do have some tinnitus from years of playing in rock bands, but it would seem I can still pick up on little sounds that other people don't even notice. Just last night I heard a small rodent scurring around in my attic. Even when I pointed it out nobody else could hear it, but to me it was quite clear.

    As for deaf culture; it's probably a good idea to get into it now before your hearing gets any worse. Even if your condition doesn't progress sign language is a usefull skill to have. A lot of people who take early-childhood studies take ASL because not only is it usefull for communicating with deaf children, but also children with autism and learning disabilities. Deaf culture is also an interesting niche that most people never get to appreciate. Have you seen deaf poetry? It's quite unlike anything else.

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    Yes, I'm the same way. If a lot of people are talking, or if I'm in a noisy restaurant, I have trouble isolating the sound someone talking to me would be making.

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    I have hearing loss most of the high's are gone.
    Background noise i have trubble hearing.
    24 year's driving big rig's left ear the worst

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    My hearing is fine, but as with CuddleFish and dogboy have, I really struggle to hear people in noisy environments. In a noisy pub, it seems like everyone else is in on the conversation and I have no idea what people are saying. As I say, I can hear fine, but it's really isolating to feel left out of a conversation. I can't imagine how difficult I would find it if I were deaf. I'd have to kidnap my friends until they were fluent in BSL (British Sign Language)!

    ... Yet I can easily tell the difference between, say, a CD and 128k MP3... and even a CD and a 320k MP3 or other half-decent compressed format if it's something I like!

    I had some noise-isolating earphones (Shure EC2s) that really blocked out external noise. I used them as ear-plugs at carnival or near loud sound systems. I remember going to a deafeningly loud, packed bar in central London on a Saturday night and being able to close my eyes and relax to some quiet classical music until my friends arrived. They couldn't believe I could hear anything in my 'phones above the din!

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    I am Teaching Myself BSL and i have a friend at College who is deaf and only has 30% hearing left. She has to rely on Lip reading

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    I hope that you have good luck learning sign language, Angelic. I have the same hearing issues (as mentioned in the other thread), so I should go ahead and learn ASL myself. While I doubt that my inability to properly process what I hear is going to get any worse, it would be interesting to be able to communicate without having to worry about what my ears are or aren't processing.

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    Good luck!, it Would be good if i Could sign like in the Student Lounge Or out Shopping so i Could still communicate, i think my Parents might think i am deaf wannabe if i Want to learn Sign Language but i Could just say if is Support deaf children in the future.

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