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Thread: Incontinence: No Need To Be Embarrassed!

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    Default Incontinence: No Need To Be Embarrassed!

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    It does not have to be an embarrassing secret any longer. Incontinence affects over 25 million Americans in the United States, and thousands of people who are incontinent are also under 50. I am currently 48, and I suffer from urinary incontinence, due to diabetic neuropathy that has affected the nerves in my bladder. I was diagnosed with this condition approximately two years ago.

    Managing my blood sugar levels has helped alleviate some of the symptoms of my condition, which primarily consist of strong, uncontrollable urges to urinate that result in involuntary emptying of my bladder. However, I still must wear at least two to four adult diapers per day to manage the symptoms of my urinary incontinence.

    I am not ashamed nor embarrassed about having to wear adult diapers in the least any more. Wearing them has just become a part of my daily routine. It has become as natural and normal as any part of my daily routine, such as showering, shaving, getting dressed, and so on.

    If you or anyone you know suffers from incontinence, just know that you are not alone. In fact, incontinence is a very common and treatable condition. It does not have to limit your life. It does not have to control you. It's just another medical problem that can be overcome. The first step comes by discussing your symptoms with your doctor. Believe me, I was extremely embarrassed at first to talk to my doctor, but he was kind and empathic, and I am certain that he's heard about this condition hundreds of times.

    I just want everyone to know that you can overcome medical conditions like this with self-esteem, self-confidence, and courage. There needs be no stigma attached to incontinence.

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    I just (with in the last yr) im incontinant (tho i wanted to be back in diapers) i am just started having full incontinance. It does sometimes bothers me but i am happy where iam. The only hump that i am having probs is having a messy accident arround certain people. N that is true. It wasnt hard for me to accept but it was hard to open up cause i have been shamed by parents and others that diapers are only for babies. I came out bout wanting diapers in my divorce.

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    im slowly giving less of a dam.. most my close friends know

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    you are correct, being inconstant and needing to wear diapers is nothing to be embarressed by. I became inconstant 17 months ago and at first it was embarrassing but now it no longer maters who knows.

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    I think there is never any need to be ashamed- whatever your reason to wear a diaper. As it's his birthday I'll misquote Shakespeare: "Some are born wet, Some achieve wetness and some have wetness thrust upon them". If you never get to be continent as you grow up, or if you choose to wear diapers later in life or become incontinent when older there is a reason for the way you are and that should never be a shameful thing.

    But is embarrassment something different? I rather think it is. Being ashamed about anything is to do with our own self image and sense of guilt. Embarrassment is about the individuals reaction to the views or attitudes of others and feeling out of synch with their expectations or feeling (unjustly) that incontinent people are lesser beings and even "not nice to know".

    Over 10+ years of urinary and sometimes fecal incontinence I have not felt ashamed, but there have been many times I have been fearful of embarrassment.

    Just my two pence (or cents) worth.

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    My incontinence and dependence on nappies no longer bothers me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob110 View Post
    you are correct, being inconstant and needing to wear diapers is nothing to be embarressed by. I became inconstant 17 months ago and at first it was embarrassing but now it no longer maters who knows.
    I don't care who know I wear nappies now either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strawberry View Post
    im slowly giving less of a dam.. most my close friends know
    Same here.

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    Incontinence or excess of moisture as the Hospital puts it, is not an embarrassment it's a medical condition, and one that can be corrected just like eyeglasses and hearing aids correct for a deficiency.
    So catheters and diapers are our hearing aids and eyeglasses nothing that should make us feel inferior in anyway, because we are not any different than anybody whose bladder and bowels work more typical.

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