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Thread: Dissociation: adult or baby?

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    Default Dissociation: adult or baby?

    Hi everybody. I have been thinking a lot about my life lately and there is something that really bothers me: Have you ever feel like you are two completely different persons in one? Like I can be a baby when I am alone, but then when friends or family are around I have to behave as an adult. The point is: I believe that I will never be completely myself, looks like there is a big separation between these two persons. Do you think we can have the sensation of being a full person sometime?

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    If only everyone was a AB/DL we could do it at work, school, home, shopping malls etc!!
    That would b awesome
    All of us on this site could go on a campaign to change the world??!!

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    I've felt this way for most of my life, and not just two personas, but several. When I was a student, I had my cool, self-defensive persona. When I was home with my parents, I was my quiet, not revealing to much self. When I was out with my friends, I was my fun loving, cut-up self. When I was at work, and I worked as a church organist by the time I was 12, I was a little adult. But I never felt like I was my age. I've always felt younger, even as an adult.

    I've usually been in charge of other groups, various choirs and I've had to not just be the adult, but also a leader and one who inspires others to do their best. But I've always felt like I was a kid of maybe 12 years old. I think I know why. I had a psychotic break when I was 12. My parents went bankrupt and we had to move, me leaving my best friend. A part of me just got stuck at that age.

    So yes, I agree. We are complex as humans. We have to be not only adults to survive, but skilled adults, leaders in charge, etc. But I'm not sure that many of us want that. It gets thrust upon us, and for people such as ourselves on this site, finally getting home and shedding the adult clothes and replacing them with a diaper and a onsie, can be such sweet relief.

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    I've tried in many ways to integrate the different people in my life. It's become reasonably acceptable to like My Little Pony, for example, so I'm public about that and have even worn the t-shirts to work on casual Fridays.

    I think wearing diapers in a professional environment isn't something I can do without an unacceptable risk of worrying people, which makes me a little sad, but that's how the world is, so it must be dealt with.

    More broadly, I think that we always have to put on different personas. We strive to do many things for many different people. And it's not unnatural or fake to try to appear confident, skilled, or effective in situations where you really are good at handling certain types of problems. When you think, "I should do something to help out somebody else," that's the real you being considerate of others, even when it means you can't divulge your whole life story or engage in every pleasure you want as a result.

    I also think, over the long-term, we should strive to make some changes to the way people think. I'd like to live in a world where it's understood that wearing diapers for pleasure is a harmless thing that some people do. I'm not going to sacrifice my whole life for that goal, but it would be a nice improvement to things and I'll help nudge the world that direction when opportunities present themselves.

    Finally, a note that responsibility is stressful. It should be stressful because that shows that we know it's important. It can be nice at times to let go of that stress and I think everyone needs a way to do that (the more common ones than diapers being stuff like getting drunk or beach vacations). But I don't think it can be permanently released because that means giving up on being in control of things in your own life. And that sucks a lot too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    But I never felt like I was my age. I've always felt younger, even as an adult.
    i feel the same way.
    I would prefer to talk to someone 2 years+ younger than me than someone older than me.

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    hmmm, lets see, kinda.

    theres the funny, nothing is sacred goofball that everybody knows and loves, but underneith it all sleeps a monster

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    Yea Sometimes I feel on living on a different planet than everybody else. Planet Sisi, which is a very nice place. And really easy to fine its just up from down, and just right from left. Some where just off from centre. So the next time some asks you what planet you are from, you know what to tell them.

    But not everybody has embraced toddlerism.

    Unfortunately unless you have super lots of pocket money, which most of us don't, we have to let silly grown Ups into our world and do grown up things, but as Mary Poppins says in every job that has to be done that is an element of fun, find the fun and snap the jobs game. This is kind of true it just some times hard to find the fun in the jod you have to do,

    I found to imagine that work is school which I have to goto, and there are different lesions which I have to do, so report wrighting become wrighing and spelling, account become a maths lesson, and so on,

    I have a great jod and everyone around me accept me for who I am. And there are more and more people that know about us Littles. I think they're jealous.

    Some of my closes work colleagues know that I am a Little, which make it more fun as I am able to come out with one liners. Pluss they can come out with things, and they know I am going to be in my head space, which will see solutions to problems.

    Just be yourself and as Shakespeare said all the world's a stage and that people in it just merely players.

    From the school boy with satchel and shining morning face. Hee,hee

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    I might be an intelligent grownup, I've always wanted to just be a kid deep down inside. While I have to act all grownup when I go out to work, I've always loved sitting around and watching cartoons with my stuffed animals when I am at home by myself.

    I really do like Sisi's suggestion about thinking about work as if it was school, I might have to give that some thought. I do know that I probably wouldn't be able to come out as little to my coworkers, but who knows... maybe I could. They already think that I'm a weirdo. Maybe someday I can come padded to work and show a little more of my kiddo side, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Until then, I totally have to keep each side mostly separated.

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    personally i view this inner conflict as a good thing. Trying to define who you are and being that person is a matter of existentialism.

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    In a way I'm more of a baby at age 27 than I ever was when I was actually little. I pretty much skipped over my childhood. I hated cartoons and my favorite show was the news. I absolutely hated recess in elementary school and would beg the teacher let me stay inside and do more assignments but she wouldn't let that happen and so I spent recess sitting by the wall reading dictionaries encyclopedias and high school textbooks that I borrowed from my older brother. I would not read anything fiction I absolutely refused. they actually sent me to the school counselor because I refused to check out or read anything fiction during Library time in elementary school. on the plus side of all that I was much more intelligent than most kids my age and I would have skipped a grade or two had it not been for Behavioral issues which ironically were due to the fact that I wasn't in an advanced enough class. I'm sure me being AB/DL is due to the fact that I never really let myself be a kid

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