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    Default Suggestions for next order

    Next week I will be placing an order from rearz but I am unsure of what to get. I am going to get tykables to try for the first time but don't know what else to get too. I am thinking of getting either some m4s or molicares too. I have tried both of them and I'm leaning more towards m4s. Open to other suggestions about what to get.

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    Shipping from rearz to outside of canada is expensive, so if you live anywhere else be sure to factor in shipping when comparing costs.

    I'm waiting for my first order from rearz to arrive, I got a mix, 1 bag of spoiled, one of princess, and two safari. It looks like they may have only one or two base models that have different art/color to them. Moly is less sap than m4, but they've got similar capacity. I'll have more information for you when my shipment arrives, sometime soon I hope.

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    I have ordered from rearz before and I know about the shipping. During my last order I got a pack of SDKs that were the large size so they are sending me the correct one during this order. So right now I am getting tykables and SDK however I would still like something else to go with them.

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