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Thread: Need diaper suggestions!!!!

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    Red face Need diaper suggestions!!!!

    Hello everyone!

    I'm brand new to this site, thought I would join as I've recently been trying out adult baby role play, and I love it, but I'm having trouble finding diapers my size! Everything I've bought is either too big or too small.

    I'm 5'7 and weigh about 145 lbs. Can someone please suggest some nice diapers to me that I could get at the store???

    P.s. Bonus points if they have cute pictures on them

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    I can't make a specific suggestion but all diapers and people are different so that a specific diaper my fit one person but not another.

    The only way to know for sure is to keep trying and see which diaper best fits your situation and body type.

    With that said, there are some general guidelines and I am sure others here will chime in with suggestions shortly.

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    Yeah it's more of a trial and error! I measured my thigh around since I have more trouble with leg cuffs than waist problems.

    But like I said! Tykables are too tight around the leg but little paws fit just right despite them both being a medium size! So you could go to and order your own custom sample pack and see what works for you!

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