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Thread: Best bargains you have come Accross Buying Baby stuff

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    Default Best bargains you have come Accross Buying Baby stuff

    For me it was 2 Bags of 100 Nappy Bags and they came in Blue and Pink for a pound

    I got 2 Packs of drynites for 8 instead of 10, i Hope the Sale lasts...

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    I make lots of bargains at my local second hand toys/clothes shop. The only downside is that my town is super small and I cant buy quite everything I like cause it would look too suspicious. But I have found baby toys, books, kitchen stuff, a fantastic Donald Duck lamp and much more. Two days ago I bought this one for just 50kr, it was still in its packaging, brand new!!

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    E-bay is my best friend. I just recently found in the store these huge brainquest workbooks for preschool and kindergarten levels and they are normally $13 and I found them each on e-bay for $4. I've gotten tons of toys off of there too. Then again with toys I don't mind used and prefer things from my actual childhood. Flea markets are also awesome. If you are talking about store stuff the sales after holidays on toys and seasonal stuff are awesome, water toys in the fall are awesome we got a supersoaker last september for $6 that was regularly $24. To be discreet I think so far I've paid full price for everything else like trainer cups and such that way they can be shipped to the house. Oh I also got a minnie mouse dining set for $10 that was originally $20 I guess it was the only one they had left so they had it on the discount rack.

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