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    Cool Synthesizer Music

    Anyone else find this music great? I love the sound and the energy behind it. When I listen to it it makes me feel amazing. I have always had a love for music. The way the sound can translate to a feeling to a jolt of energy. Music is truly a man made gift.

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    I agree. I'd say my favorite band for this style would be Kraftwerk.

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    I have a korg Kronos so I'm always making stuff like this, it's so much fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterscotch View Post
    I have a korg Kronos so I'm always making stuff like this, it's so much fun
    I'm jealous. I have a Korg Triton, a bit dated now. I also have a big Korg T-1 which I bought when they were first out.

    Sometimes I just sit and play with my Triton, playing more on the ambient, synthesized sounds. I can put an arpeggiator to it, let it create a rhythm and I just have fun until my wife yells at me.

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