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Thread: Hello everyone!

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    Default Hello everyone!

    Hey everyone, you can call me Marlow! I live in the central US and I'm an abdl/furry/little!

    I've been in a happy relationship for 9 months now <3 my partner doesn't not act on this dynamic, she actually doesn't know.

    More about me, I love Nintendo with all my heart, as well as drawing too. I actually offer commissions! I drew my icon/avatar on here so yeah! I love video games too, and stormy weather.

    Games I play:
    -Ark: Survival Evolved
    -Stardew Valley
    -Animal Crossing
    -Minecraft (any non-hamachi abdl servers?)
    -Blade and Soul
    -Black Desert Online
    And a ton others but that's just a few!

    I've been an abdl for about a year now, no one knows besides me and I feel like I will definitely grow out of this interest eventually, but I guess I can have fun with it for now!

    My favorite diaper: Tykables or little paws
    Favorite animal: opossum!
    Favorite place: THE ZOO
    Favorite food: uhhhhhhhh... Mac and cheese. But not Kraft. That's a sin.

    Anyways, there's a dumb introduction! Hello everyone!

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    Welcome aboard, babymarlow! Your avatar is super-awesome! Nice work.

    Quote Originally Posted by babymarlow View Post
    Favorite food: uhhhhhhhh... Mac and cheese. But not Kraft. That's a sin.
    What?! Nahh... It's that "Annie's" stuff that's a sin. That stuff should be illegal! Cheese sauce like orange water... Stuff doesn't even taste like cheese--or even fake cheese!! Ok-ok-ok. Enough about that.

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    Hello Marlow and welcome to the group.

    There is nothing about this introduction. It is very informative.

    Again welcome to the group


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    @cottontail you're right! Annie's is pretty awful! Kraft can remain on my list. For now.

    @egor thank you very much! <3

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    Welcome Marlow to this crazy side of the world!!
    I sort of think I might grow out of being a DL as well (I also am a teenager) but I certainly hope I don't!!!
    Welcome again

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    Yes, nothing dumb about your introduction - Welcome to ADISC!

    I too think your drawing is very good.

    You may grow out of this interest at some point in time but it is doubtful. It will ebb and flow but you are unlikely grow out of it entirely.

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    Hi Marlow and welcome to adisc. the group is really supportive so if you have any questions just ask. i suggest you have a wander through the forum and the groups and see if anything looks or sounds interesting. Like a lot of groups the more you put into Adisc the more you will get out of it.

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    Thank you everyone! Such kind words here and lots of helpful attitudes 💕

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