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Thread: Help our homeless littles

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    Default Help our homeless littles

    It has come to my attention that some of us our homeless. Yeah.... I don't like that. I wanna help some of the people of our little group but I can't do it alone. I wanna make a project here to see what we can do. Anyone interested in helping?

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    Does it do any good to target such a specific demographic? Wouldn't more generalized efforts to help the homeless be more effective? What do you think this community can do, specifically, to help these people that mainstream homeless services cannot?

    These are not rhetorical questions.

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    Mainstream services can only go so far what im saying is we can start small with the limited rescources we have and slowly start to help thdme people we can fine jobs and maybe help eachother some way in return

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    Quote Originally Posted by tai View Post
    Mainstream services can only go so far what im saying is we can start small with the limited rescources we have and slowly start to help thdme people we can fine jobs and maybe help eachother some way in return
    So you're thinking more on the financial side. I think that's a good start. I think it's going to be hard helping the homeless around the world from such a small startup though. What about something a little bit smaller than that, like a Christmas gift exchange? Similar to the programs that collect toys for families in need. Maybe we could do small stockings filled with pacifiers, a bottle, baby powder, etc. just for Christmas for those who cannot afford to live the lifestyle they do want to.

    I think it would be awesome to help those in need find jobs, but that's hard to do internationally. I think maybe some of us could act as references for jobs that they are applying for, but for the most part, applying for jobs is a more local thing

    Of course, with both of our ideas, privacy is a huge concern. Not many people are going to be willing to tell their real names and mailing address on the Internet.

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    We could have our members from the site start locally in the areas where they live. Just helping out people. Im currently in the middle of setting up a non private group so that we can send moneyto the most stressed out areas. And while privacy is an risky aspect of this were only in ththe beginning stages absolutely no private information should or willb
    be shared

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    I despise organised charities but don't mind contributing if:

    1. The money goes through a trustworthy intermediary
    2. The entire amount reaches the needy hands
    3. The beneficiaries are truly needy and are vetted
    4. The beneficiaries are AB/DL

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    Ironic mode ON

    NEED HELP !!!

    Ironic mode OFF...

    I live in VW Transporter. And there's no way to pay his obligatory insurance and technic revision. Still I'm with fear of municipal cops - they can take it out. Really wanna not end as a completely homeless again.

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    Well, I suppose the christmas gift basket is an interesting idea, but I don't see how that would help anyone in the long run.
    As for more impactfull help, what could we offer to homeless AB/DLs that other services can't? Is there a higher incidence of homelessness among our community, and if so why? What measures could we implement to prevent this?

    I'm just not convinced this is an effective use of anybodys time or money. If you want to help the littles community why not host and organize events to give people a sense of belonging? If you want to aid the homeless then volunteer at a shelter, needle exchange or soup kitchen. Maybe even start a job club to motivate people to find work. But giving help to only those homeless people who happen to be littles seems arbitrary and pointless to me.

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    I think the homeless might have bigger problems than not being able to wear diapers for fun.

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    Hi guys.

    There are quite a few characters out there already supporting the homeless.
    I don't mean to sound heartless, it's just that our church actually does do work with the homeless.

    And vulnerable people that are in our Society, and each one of them have their own story, no one end up homeless by choice, circumstances and choices that we may see that inappropriate, that is normal from their social setting, or in the UK cases some of the benefit systems have failed them. And there is also mental illness.

    If you won't to help them I Strongly suggest you align yourself with one of the charities that are supporting your vulnerable people in your society so you are give the understanding on the best way you can we of really help.

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