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Thread: Toddler diapers/Pull ups Designs

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    Default Toddler diapers/Pull ups Designs

    We've all probably at one point wanted to wear these am I right? Well I was thinking and was curious as to what designs were your guys favorite ones. I've always wanted someone to make Adult diapers with cool designs like the toddler ones.

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    I know; right? Something that has stretchy sides with Velcro on them, like a huggies pull up, so my crippled self has a snowball's chance of being able to put them on my myself, is it so much to ask?! 3D hearts would be nice, but I don't think it's yet physically possible in an adult disposable.

    My plan is to use cloth, unless I'm on vacation, or out and about. In which case, I'll buy a premium medical brand, a size or two up, so the padding wraps all the way around and there're no gaps when I side-sleep, cut off the wings and waistband, and pop that in a normal sized Abri-fix pants, modified with side-snaps, and a quiet, soft, and soooooo stinkin' cute PUL outer, with double-sided tape. That's all a hybrid baby diaper is, disposable inner with sticky bottom, and a washable outer cover.

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    Has anyone ever decorated a pullup style diaper with ink stamps?......i was thinking about this the other day. Stickers don't work on cloth-lie disposables but this might be a fun solution.

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    In disposables, my preferences go like this: Babyish first, girly second, unprinted/white third, boyish fourth, (anything else), medical-looking infinity'th.

    I've liked most Pampers designs over the years, including the long-running Elmo/Sesame Street prints. After that, I tend to be a bit sissyish. I like the princess/girly designs on Pull-Ups and Easy-Ups, as well as the S/M sizes of GoodNites, and to a lesser extent, UnderJams. I guess that might stray a bit into Bronydom, too, as I also like the My Little Pony training pants by Well Beginnings. I really wouldn't mind a totally illegal adult-sized version of those from China. Sadly, in the case of these baby/youth pull-ups, I find that the crotch widths are just too narrow. Even if I solve the waist size issue, which I've gotten pretty good at with Pampers diapers, the pull-ups are just too gappy, and in the worst possible spots. Damn this big and totally non-babyish physique!!

    I'm also a big fan of cloth diapers, and my preferences are considerably more traditional in that area. I like good ol' prefolds with pins, mostly. (I do prefer pink pins, however. ) My cloth diaper stash includes many, many baby prefolds, including an assortment of vintage ones from the 70's and 80's--what I wore as a baby/toddler. I also have a few pairs of the Baby Pants training pants--in girl prints.

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    I'm not crazy about the Sesame Street prints on Pampers, the Mickey Mouse prints on most Huggies, or the generic monkey design on Luvs. I've seen pictures of the Huggies Overnites and they're pretty cute though. I like Blue's Clues and they used to have that on Luvs.

    I've been thinking that since Easy-Ups already does Dora on their girls' training pants, which is licensed from Nickelodeon, they should replace Thomas the Tank Engine with PAW Patrol on the boys'.

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    Oh I am ALL about the pull-ups designs for boys. I don't know what the current design is, but just the color scheme and feel to it drive me crazy. I have a pack in my stash and every once in a while I'll cave in and try (unsuccessfully) to fit back into a pair. I settled for Goodnites, which do pretty well to keep my interest, but once I grabbed this pack of S. Korean Goodnites, I haven't been able to go back to the originals!

    I've gotta say I really liked when huggies pull-ups had the Toy Story designs on them a long time ago. But that could be more nostalgia than anything else, since those were the first diapers I tried to wear as a potty trained kid (had to pilfer a few from my little brother). Now I think the pampers cruisers look absolutely adorable, but I haven't found any tape on diapers which pique my interest all that much. I still pine over the plastic disposables from the 90's that were almost all white. Again, that's most likely a nostalgia thing, but I feel like cloth covered baby diapers of today just can't compare to the way those ones looked.

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    For me I love the Sesame Street designs, you can probably tell by my name, but here in the UK they discontinued them years ago and they were only printed on the Active Fit (our version of cruisers) I was so sad

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    I've always been small enough to fit into the smaller diapers. So far I've tried the well beginnings mlp training pants as my first diaper. I moved on to pampers cruisers for about a month but I liked girl year designs so I'm sticking with good nites s/m now.

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    I've worn the Well Beginnings training Pants designs for several years now. Call me mean, but I like to imagine the ponies' reaction to a huge flooding.

    Rainbow: "A little help here, I'm 20% wetter!"

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