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Thread: The best Place to stay. Ever!

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    Cool The best Place to stay. Ever!

    Hi everyone

    Found this on Tumbler I think someone that is calling them self babyemandherdaddy wrote it.

    I have added to it.

    One day there will be such a place for us.
    This is a list of things that would make a Little / AB just….. Never won’t to leave. Not ever.

     a park with all the park toys scaled up a bit, so no baby risks getting their thighs stuck in the baby swings!
     a beauty salon where littles can get their hair curled/straightened by professionals, and littles can braid and style each others hair with cute hair bands and clips!
     a little restaurant that gives every customer a coloring and activity sheet and a pack of crayons, and the menu consists of animal shaped mac ‘n cheese, dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, tater tots, curly fries, chocolate and vanilla pudding, whale crackers, vanilla wafers, white and chocolate milk, ice cream cones, and so much more!!
     a candy shop next door to the restaurant that charges by each pound of candy you buy
     a changing station never too far away just in case your little has an accident
     a reading room where quiet and shy littles can read baby books and drink tea and juice
     a nap room that has an overload of pillows and blankets, so when littles get sleepy or cranky they can build a fort and nap in it! (soft children’s music will be playing in the background!!)
     a movie room that plays disney and pixar movies nonstop all day long!
     a music room with instruments and a karaoke machine thats filled with the theme songs of all nickelodeon, disney, and cartoon network shows!!
     a “meet & greet” room where babies can introduce their stuffies to each other! (the best way to make friends is if your stuffies hit it off from the start!)
     an arts & crafts room stocked with computer paper, coloring books, crayola crayons/colored pencils/markers, construction paper, paint, glue, (child safe) scissors, and beads to make necklaces or bracelets!
     a time out room for babies who need to be punished (no sexual punishments!!!!)
     a dress up room where littles can dress up and walk the run way! (caregivers can even join in, or volunteer to be a judge!)
     a show-&-tell time where littles can show off their special talents, their favorite toys, or cool tricks they learned how to do!
     a story book time where a designated reader reads children’s books for a FULL hour
     a face paint station!
     a place where littles can get piercings! (from a licensed and dependable piercer, of course)
     room to book in to for your stay that had cots to sleep in
     a shop that sold every thing a ABDL Little hear could desire or need.
    feel free to add on!

    I really love this, just wish there was such a place

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    I would be the happiest baby on the face of the earth c:

    10/10 would donate for this to be a thing

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    We have a restaurant that my wife and I frequent. They use brown paper to cover the tables and supply crayons at each table. Little kids can amuse themselves by coloring the table (brown paper) until their food arrives, but I have drawn pictures on them as well while waiting for our dinner. My wife encourages me to do it...haha.

    The best part is that the restaurant was an old depot station on the railroad line. The train still passes by on the tracks outside the restaurant. One day my wife and I were eating lunch there and the train actually stopped out front, and the Engineer and his assistant got out of the train and came inside to order and eat their lunch. It was so cool. As a little kid I always loved the trains. Later, I had a model train set up, so trains speak to my little side.

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    I would supply a small loan of a million dollars for this to happen!

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    A littles/AB town like this sounds amazing! It would be neato to spend time in a place like this!

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    Hee, hee. I have been looking at Hotels /holiday complex.
    That are for sale to make this happen.
    Has any one got lots of pocket money. They can lend me. Hee, hee.

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    If I had a whole lotta money, I'd totally give it by the bucketful for a hotel like that!!! Can you imagine just how much fun us kids could have there?

    You have a super duper idea there, and I'll definitely take a seat in the sandbox if it ever happens! Hee hee (jeepers, that laughter is infectious!).

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    I would live there. I wouldn't mind donating my time and money for something like this. Besides, I need to get more in touch with my baby-self more.

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    Donald Trumps making America great again campaign promise's!!

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    Well the USA is going to sent the UK to the naughty corner.

    If we vote to leave the EU.

    So I going to run for president and then take over the world. Hee, hee

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