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Thread: Which do you Prefer

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    Default Which do you Prefer

    When you talk about wearing diapers...which is your favorite way to say it? Mine is "in diapers"

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    Never really thought about this. After some consideration, I picked 'wearing diapers'.

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    Haha....I sort of like "in diapers". It feels more like mommy put me in diapers whether I wanted to be diapered or not.

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    Probably ''in diapers,'' but you forgot ''padded.''

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    I also prefer "in diapers" by far. It makes me feel little.

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    I like "in diapers" also. It sounds little. Like it's not just describing the fact that I happen to be wearing a diaper at this moment, but also that I'm in diapers, generally because obviously I'm not ready to potty train yet.

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    "Powered by Pampers" "Diaper Driven" "Moli Mobile"" Rolling on Rearz" it depends on the mood and who i am talking too.r

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    I guess I prefer "in diapers" because its an indication that I need them, and not wearing as a pastime

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    In diapers. Remindes me of how my my told I'd never get out of diapers until I stopped wetting the bed.

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