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Thread: Are ABDL Diapers worth it?

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    Default Are ABDL Diapers worth it?

    Compared to High quality diapers like Northshore and Abena, what makes ABDL diapers worth double the price? Are they really that much thicker/absorbent or is it just for the novelty? I know the space diaper has a ludicrous limit, but what about other brands like Bambino and Rearz?

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    I don't know about northshore but I would say that abdl diapers are better. First off they have some color and designs on them that make them look better than a plain white diaper. I have tried some depends and other drugstore brands. I have also tried m4s and molicares and loved them however I still prefer abdl ones. I have tested the limit of a few kinds and bambino and rearz diapers hold alot and I haven't had a leak, the only leak I had was in a molicares while I was laying in bed.

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    There's no right answer all depends what you like and are willing to pay for. ABDL diapers tend to be more because they are a niche. In this case you're paying for the print that's on them.

    For me personally, ABDL diapers are not something that appeals to me. Therefore, my money is best spent on premium diapers aimed at the incontinence market.

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    ABDL diapers tend to be super absorbent, but like the poster above, I prefer white diapers over printed. But you can get the super absorbency of ABDL diapers by getting the plain white versions. ABU has the simples that are just like the space and little paws, but plain white. Tykables has a white diaper too.

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    it great when your not gonna be able to change for a while. one little paw will last me almost half the day

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    definitely NOT worth it if:
    - you're on a tight budget or are really frugal and just want a lot of wearing time for your money
    - ordering online is a problem (either the ordering, or the receiving packages in the mail), so you need to buy from a local store
    - you live somewhere that shipping costs are unacceptably high
    - you really don't care about the premium features, you just want to be padded
    - you need to wear something very discrete
    - you have a high enough chance of getting caught that you need a diaper that can be explained away as a medical need

    If you can rule out all of those, then there should be at least a few premium diapers that work well for you, depending on your circumstances.

    Everyone's situation is different, and it's easy for someone to make recommendations to you that are actually suited to their situation, not yours, so you're going to have to decide what you can do on your own as long as you can check off the above list. My personal take on it is to decide what sort of diaper you want, ask for recommendations for that "genre" of diaper, get yourself a bag to try, and go from there. Decide what feature(s) you want, and let others throw out suggestions that scratch your itch. This is a whitelist, just answer the ones you have an opinion on, the others we'll "wildcard":

    - baby / babyfur / boy / girl / plain whte / medical motif?
    - plastic / clothlike / cloth?
    - need size small or xl?
    - two tapes or four?
    - retape panel / dual use tapes?
    - high sap, stiffer, thinner when dry, swells more, but costs more ?
    - functioning guards?
    - very thin, very thick?
    - quiet, or very loud?

    I think I can safely speak for everyone here though when I say that "You won't regret getting premium diapers, and you won't want to go back to plain"

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    As strictly a DL I go for plain white diapers. My go to is Northshore but I do have a case of ABU simples that I dip into occasionally. I cannot say they are worth the extra money over an incontinence brand with regards to performance or my enjoyment, but they are a well built premium top quality diaper none the less. AB type diapers have a very niche and limited market compared to incontinence brands and are naturally going to cost more by default.

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    Functionally, there are a couple of AB brands I will choose over medical brands - usually plain white or close to. I use Bambino Bellissimo for extremely extended wear, for example - they're more comfortable over long periods, more solid, and more absorbent.

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    For extended wear situations nothing beats an ABDL diapers capacity.

    For routine IC day to day a boosted medical diaper with printed PP's can be more economical.

    If you are in the closet and getting caught would lead to a major headache with tons of fallout,a "medical" is better. If you are IC or dont care who knows if caught, wear whatever hits the spot.the only time i think about what i am wearing is if i,m going to a medical appointment that is going to involve removing my diaper , like to my colo- rectal guy or my urologist ( if i know he is going to check my prostate ) then i wear a diaper with velcro, because medical tape retaping a diaper does not work very well or very long. any other time i wear whatever fits my mood. As long as i'm adequately protected i dont care what i wear.

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    I find my ABU Cushies to be worth every penny. They hold as much urine as the same cost of other diapers I can get, the newer ones I suppose are a little bit more expensive, but they are supposedly better capacity still.
    Being printed is also a plus, I want to have that baby feel. I do love when mine are all soggy and thick.
    I only use one a week, or I might even miss a week, It's been like 8 months since I bought mine I still have half a box left. I want to try the newer ones as well.

    As far as being worth it? Absolutely. Of course if you are strictly DL, you may not care about prints. Another thing to consider is the fact that medical type diapers, are well, just that. Diapers are supposed to be fun, not some medical aid.

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