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Thread: Best place to get pampers discreetly

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    Default Best place to get pampers discreetly

    I have been looking online and want to try pampers but I don't live alone and I get nervous buying diapers in public. I have looked on amazon and somewhere else but I am wondering where I can find pampers and they are shipped discreetly.

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    I've gotten diapers out in public and nobody notices. I doubt anyone in public would care. If you don't want to face a cashier, find a self checkout.

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    I got my Pampers baby diapers at Target and they have self checkout now. Walmart also has self checkout too. You could try Amazon lockers if they have them in your area.

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    I have tried buying pampers in Walmart and I'm not afraid about the cashier but if someone I know sees me. I don't have kids or watch anyone young enough that still needs diapers. I have thought about going to another city so I don't find someone I know to get some but I haven't had a chance to yet. I prefer to order diapers online to avoid those situations.

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    Do you live in a big city? If so then chances of seeing someone you know are slim

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    Not really big but not small either. I am really nervous about telling others about this side of me. I don't always run into someone but I do occasionally and always feel like that would be the day. I have worn in public once and that went well without any incidents so I think I could but I am still nervous.

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    I used to be really self conscious about buying diapers in public until I had kids. Then I realised how I should never have worried. Nobody is going to think that baby diapers are for you. No one will look at you twice even if they know you. It will get easier with practice

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    I think the best thing to do is when you go into the store, browse around all the other isles and see if there's anyone in there you know, if there is, wait it out, if not then go for it

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    It seems unlikely that you'll meet anybody, and even less likely that they'll inquire about what you're buying. If they do, then just be ready with a simple and plausible cover story--like, "Oh, I'm headed to a friend's house and they asked me to grab a few things for them." Don't over-think it.

    And, since you mentioned that you don't live alone, I'll add that I think buying at the store and having total control over when they show up at your place of residence is probably the best form of discreteness you can hope for. IMO.

    I was buying Pampers with my allowance when I was 12 or 13 years old. It's a fear worth putting behind you.

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    I don't have a problem getting diapers in the house, my parents don't open my packages or question me about what I got. I have plans today but I'm off Wednesday so I might try to get some pampers then. Maybe I'll shut my phone off and pretend I'm talking to someone and hope they won't be rude and interupt my phone call.

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