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Thread: How to make friends locally?

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    Default How to make friends locally?

    My boyfriend has recently expressed that he wants to find ABDLs that live closer to him so that he can have someone to discuss these personal things with, since I'm not ABDL and I don't understand a lot of things.

    Does anyone know how we can find people close to us for him? He uses fetlife but that's really it. I used the map in the Established Contriubutor forum to help too, but a lot of the little dots don't have contact information.

    (And if it helps any, we live in Wisconsin, USA.)

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    It can be kind of lonely I really hope he finds someone. I know that the are Little camps in the US, perhaps going to one of those may be of some help.

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    Fetlife would have been my recommendation, it's pretty much the best I know of for finding local people... it does take some time to fall into the right groups though, especially local groups in my experience.

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    My recommendation would be for him to open an account here himself, if he hasn't, and friend some people he can "talk to". That's what I did and was surprised to discover another member who lived quite close by, and eventually we met up. But even friends here who live across the country (or farther) can be good sources of sharing feelings, asking questions, etc. This is a good, safe place for that sort of dialogue.

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    I would agree. There have been several people on this site who live in my home town. A number of members will mention which state they live in, making driving very possible. But you also have to build trusting relationships, so membership would be a must.

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    I feel the pain, I don't think that I will ever find another AB/DL in this little town I'm at. I'd be happy though.

    I agree with the others, create an account here and go from there.

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    I am also in WI. I know both Madison and Milwaukee both have monthly munches. However, it seems they cater more to the AB side although DL's are welcome. I haven't been to either as both are about 2 1/2 hours away. But I'm sure it's a good place to meet others in person. I'm on Fetlife too and there's a few groups for Wisconsinites where events are announced regularly.

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    I agree this is a good idea and I do not know why it is so hard. I for one would also like to reach out and find a few AB/DL friends - mostly for support and just a chance to be able to be open and honest about this with others. It's frustrating and annoying to have vanilla friends and "put up a front" of being completely heteronormative.

    I am also in a relationship where my partner is fully supportive and participates, but it would be nice to have friends -- not to be involved sexually with, just as support.

    Although I could see ABDL friendships evolving to trips to the park, zoo, amusement parks...I think we could use some encouragement to break out of our routine and friends could help spark that.

    I'm in NYC where there must be tens of thousands of us, yet we don't even have a munch. Go figure.

    - Squirmyboy

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    I'm in Northern Illinois, near Chicago and we have a large community here. Depending on where you living in WI, it might be worth checking out.

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    This train stops at 125th & Grand Central only, change here for the local!

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