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Thread: First diaper mess

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    So I took the plunge yesterday and messed my diaper for the first time. I've always wondered about it but was always too scared. Yesterday while diapered up in a bellissimo stuffed with a pampers size 6, I felt it coming and said screw it, I'll try to just let it out into my diaper. I had to crouch down and wait a bit but either way it started. The actually messing wasn't bad, but it was a big one. I made the mistake of sitting down after messing to get the true "baby experience" (I was in strong little mode).

    Well, let me tell you- this was the first and last time I'll ever mess a diaper- or at least the last time I sit in it. Must've taken 15 wipes and a shower to clean up. I don't know if I'd be willing to try again and just not sit in it, but I don't know how people can do enema's or suppositories and just explode into a diaper. It didn't feel gross to have a mess in my diaper, but the cleanup was a pain!!

    Have any of you messed your diapers? Do you do it regularly? Any tricks to getting cleaned up?

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    I was scared of doing it at first too. I've never sat in it, so most of the time clean-up isn't too bad as long as you have a lot of wipes. Last time was particularly messy though so I took a shower as well.

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    I occasionally find some mud in my diaper. I just use several wipes to cleanup, and put it in a gallon ziplock to contain smell. Sometimes I take a shower, if it has smeared around too much.

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    I've only messed my diaper once and it felt great, but the cleanup was enough to make me never do it again.

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    I've messed two or three times, but the cleanup is a hassle, so I don't do it often. Since I lack proper wipes, I just clean up with a shower.

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    Still happens to me once or twice a week. Usually takes several wipes and a shower to clean up properly.

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    I mess occasionally. If it is a little 'mess', I will use wipes but will clean up in a shower for anything more. The clean up does take a bit of time but it isn't too bad.

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    Eliminate the smell and messy cleanup and still get the same "squishy" feeling by filling your diaper with warm instant oatmeal. You can carry the load for hours and walk, sit, stoop, go for a hike or go to bed without creating a stink. Avoid wetting until just before you change your diaper.

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    lol. Well I mess almost every night (nocturnal encopresis) and I agree the cleanup is a huge bummer. Try not to sit down on it or spread it around and change as soon as you can depending on the situation. Take off your diaper in the washroom and put the mess into the toilet, toss the diaper and wipe as you would if you had used the toilet. Shower next and you should be fine.

    Hope this helps!

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    I mess sometimes. I don't do it often thanks to the clean up, the smell, and just my living situation. I can definitely tell you that the first time you mess is almost always the worst clean up. The first time I did it, I swore it off and said "Never again". But I enjoyed the actual act enough to do it again. The more you do it, the less terrible clean up becomes. I can definitely tell you that not all messes are equal and some aren't too bad and can be easy, while others...yeah. It's gonna take a lot of wipes and a shower to get clean. I very rarely sit in it unless I'm really little and just willing to do a long intensive clean up, because sitting in the mess is nearly guaranteed to make cleaning up hell. I know it varies from person to person whether it becomes worth it. Some like it enough to keep doing it, while others are completely turned off and will just never do it again. Only you can decide whether it's worth it to try messing again (definitely don't sit in it if you decide to do it again).

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