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Thread: Asking your care giver to read you a bed time story.

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    Question Asking your care giver to read you a bed time story.

    Hi everyone.

    Asking your care giver to read you a bed time story.

    I have my big brother Dom Paddy. (Who is also my son which gets confusing. And I am his care give when he is being a teenager. Along with his girlfriend.)

    This is what happens when you are open about who you are.
    Sorry for rubbing it in. Hee, hee.

    Any way I am thinking of asking him to read me a bed time story which should be a big step as we always have good night hugs, when he checks on me and tucks me in.

    Does any one have tips on how I can get your care give to do thing like that, I would never won't to ask him to do something he was not comfortable with. But I would love for him to come in to my space more and be happy looking after me.

    and I would do the same for him when he is being 13/14.
    So how do I find out how to do that with out embarrassing him.?

    I think it is avery special relationship where we tell each other every thing. But I find my self holding back. As i don't won't to ruin it all by asking him to do something he's not comfortable with.

    Thank for any help


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    My wife downloaded/bought a number of very young e-books for her Ipad. Right before I was ready to go to sleep, I'd have her play one of the stories. She'd hold the ipad up and I'd watch and listen to the story, like Goodnight Moon. We haven't done it in a long time because I haven't asked for one, but she would still oblige if I asked.

    Really, all you have to do is ask, that and have a book to be read.

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    I find sometimes just asking is always the best way .

    But if you want to, you could just bring it up and be like "Soooo what do you think about bedtime stories, is that something you would like?" Or you could say "I would like to do more stuff during our night time routine, like maybe reading bed time stories." Or just say "hey I want to talk about our care giver/ little relationship." Its important to talk about your relationship and things you want as an adult. I know it can be kind of daunting as a little myself to be an adult and have adult conversations . But Im not really sure how else to go about it, than asking about expanding and gearing your current nighttime routine to be a little bit more "little". I hope this helps some.

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    I agree with both dogboy and Celestia. Just go ahead and ask. Many people read in bed, so what is the difference for reading aloud and a children's book?

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