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Thread: Captain America: Civil War

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    Default Captain America: Civil War

    So is anyone else as pumped about this movie as I am? It's coming out on May 6th and I can't wait.

    Although it's supposed to be a Captain America movie, it's basically another Avengers movie, with only Thor and the Hulk missing. In addition, Spider Man and Black Panther make an appearance. From the trailer it looks like it's going to be one of the best movies of the year (and probably better than the last Avengers movie).

    The plot is about global governments wanting the superheroes to sign an accord which would allow the governments to monitor their activities. Iron Man supports the accord while Captain America is opposed to it. I would have expected they would have each had opposite reactions, so that's interesting. The heroes are forced to choose sides and face off in battle against each other. The showdown at the airport is supposed to be a spectacular smackdown.

    As far as movies about superheroes fighting to the death, I think this movie will be highly superior to the dull, dismal, plodding Batman v. Superman which is currently in the theatres, and I'm betting it will earn a hell of a lot more money. My prediction is Civil War will be one of the top grossing movies of the year, if not the very top.

    And I've already decided I'm on team Captain America.

    Anyone else planning on seeing this?
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    Oh me me me me. I am I am I am.

    I love every Marvel movie. I think I have to go with Iron Man on this one. There have been a lot of damage over the last few movies. That's not including AoS, Jessica Jones, or Daredevil.

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    This is the first that I've heard of it; but I am toying with the idea of boycotting Marvel's films altogether.
    With the end of DVD rental in Britain, I'm stuck with streaming rentals via Amazon, except that Marvel's film aren't available to rent on Amazon UK, but they are in the US. And Marvel have also withdrawn the DVDs from shops, so I can't even buy one at Asda Walmart. I've not even seen Winter Soldier, yet, and would probably have to resort to a pirate copy.
    Either way, I'm not into giving them my money after them taking the piss. Way to shoot yourself in the foot, Stan.

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    I'm certainly excited for it. I've been a Marvel fan for a while now, and while I do consider some of the movies better than others, I still enjoy getting the chance to watch them in cinema when I can. Plus, this one has me excited for the reveal of Black Panther and the MCU Spiderman!

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    The reason they react the way they do makes quite a lot of sense. The last time Capt had the gov, try and monitor something it turned out to be Hydra, and Tony created Ultron, so he has guilt over this and wants to create a way to control powered individuals. It goes even further, Capt fought against a fasisct government that was given to much control, Tony became Iron Man due to his weapons being used for evil. Tony must have a lot of guilt over that and Ultron.

    I disagree that it's pretty much an Avengers film missing Thor and Hulk. The movie will mainly focus on Capt and him trying to prove Bucky as innocent. I also think we can expect somebody die, who I won't say. Though the film pales in comparison to how it happened in the comics but oh well. So yes, I am certainly excited for some Marvel.

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    I'm excited to see what they are going to do with the new spiderman. I am also excited to see what they are going to do to have captain america and iron man battle it out and what the results will be.

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    I'm going to see it on Wednesday for a pre screening at Cinetopia. And I'm wearing my diapers with me to the theaters for not missing everything in the movie.

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    I Cannot spoil anything, but i will say They ABSOLUTELY cast the PERFECT Spider-Man

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