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Thread: My life as at 17/4/2016

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    Default My life as at 17/4/2016

    I am a student that likes things to be in order (apart from keeping my bedroom tidy, as all teens hate!!) , hates hearing or being involved in family arguments, a peacemaker, like a good bit of fun(and a drink occasionally), love pushing my physical limits (especially in athletics and wherever else competition is involved!!). Trying to do better at school compared to last year. (i think here is a good place to stop!!)

    Why i am here is cos basically i have had a passion of nappies since i guess was around 7 or 8?? even putting a babies one under my underwear for 1/2 minute or less. guess its just one of those things yah cant explain!! but in the last year or so that hasn't been enough, i needed the feeling of being properly padded!!!! (another thing i can't explain!!!)
    then an oppertunity came up!! was goin on a trip with frien in holidays and(fingers crossed!!) would hav a bit of cash left over (mum had withdrawn some from my bank account). so got back. shortly after biked down to local athletics track to train. so had bakpak on with some athletics gear in (shotput, starting blocks etc) and most importantly had wallet with cash in!! on the way out to track, stopped at nappy shop and bought 16 adult nappies!!! heart was pounding. about 1 month later was caught by mum!! she didn't no i liked wearing them cos i told her i wore thm cos of bedwetting(i did actually wet my bed at that point but was very mild) as of now(around 4 months later) i haven't told her yet tht i like 2 wear. hopefully will build up courage to do so in month or so!! anyway, enuff about my diaper obsession.

    My non DL part of my life is filled with school, sister about to get married, my recently obtained drivers licence. i like high rope courses and can't get enuff of playing paintball and gokarts. waste a h of a lot of time on games instead of homework(need to fix that)

    My main reason for joining this site was to find compassionate people who would understand a situation i almost don't understand myself!! would also like to read others experience's and even offer support.

    Pease note hav already dun an intro but was quite short.
    Hope this is alright.

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    Normal DL for shure your not a loan lot,s of us started out that way.
    Wouldn't tell mom you liked them they tend not to understand why we like them.
    But the one you going to be married to you should talk to her.
    She need to know waiting until you been married a while can be very up setting.
    There are lots of stories on here what happens.
    Enjoy being you sounds like a great life so far.

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    thats wot i thought i should do.
    thanx 4 the conformation.

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