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Thread: why do you wear adult diapers

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    Default why do you wear adult diapers

    I thought I would express or tell the reason behind me wearing adult diapers!.

    Well for me I absolutely love the soft plastic wrapped around my waist and the soft padding between my legs . I honestly can not remember what got me to wear one for the first time but obviously something had me curious an I had to just try one. Wait I remember now!! OK my grandfather is bed ridden for the rest of his life OK. So one evening I went over to visit him while my Stepdad was taking care of him that evening. I remember sitting down in the chair beside my grandpa when my eyes caught this bag/pack of what appeared to be diapers! Right then an there something told me to take one an try it on in private. So after talking to both my grandpa an Stepdad, me an him decided to go smoke a cigarette outside an talk between just the two of us about grandpa.well my grandpa was asleep at this time an my Stepdad was already outside! I thought to myself " OK here's your chance! Just quietly walk over an take a diaper out of the bag an stick it down your pants an go to your car an forget about smoking. So I went outside after stuffing the diaper down my blue jeans an quickly walked to the car while telling my Stepdad in mid Nov that something popped up an I had to leave. My Stepdad said OK il call you in a bit. As I was driving home I began to get turned on for some reason! I couldn't keep my hand off that diaper I had just tooken from my grandpas bag of them.To my luck when I arrived home not a soul was there. "This is perfect, I can finally see what this is gonna feel like! " so I go into my room an turn on the light. By now my hands are shaking with a excitement an nervousness all at the same time.I finally got the diaper unfolded an later down into of it on my bed. Well I noticed one problem.... I was kinda..big?? Or turned on while I was trying to tape this diaper together and " I " was getting in the way of fitting everything together tightly. Lol I somehow managed to get the diaper fastened snugly around my waist an stood up. " omg this feels like heaven! It's so soft an warm an comfy I can't believe this! " I said to myself suddenly. I have a full length mirror that I walked up to an began to blush an get turned on even more looking at the soft white an wonderful padding I had on around my waist an butt . I realized suddenly that all the fear an stress of going through all this vanished without a trace an I began to relax an felt calm enough to actually fall asleep back in my bed still wearing the diaper!. I'm sorry this was so long! I didn't mean for it to be strung out like this but iv never ever talked/typed this much about anything in my life! Especially diapers!! Anyways I wear them because they make me feel super relaxed and comfortable and stress free no matter what! please let me know what you think about this I guess you would say experience? Please leave a comment or a like below even a private message if you want about your reasoning/ first experience with diapers please! thanks for your time an happy diapered days everyone!!!

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    I wear diapers not by choice, I have an OAB that some days feels like its working over time. For me diapers are a medical product that helps me get on with my life.

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    Im sorry to hear that Rob. But from what your telling me, diapers do help you in life an continue to let you move on correct? if so that's awesome! But diapers truely do have multiple uses other than incontinence issues! They are actually very very comfortable, an can make you so relaxed you forget that you have one on I hear! Lol anyways I hope that you don't hate/dislike wearing diapers, they can be very useful an help you continue through life! So please don't think they are bad because you have to wear em, just think of the positives that they bring to the table

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    I wear diapers to keep my pants dry. I've been in them since 2002, cancer surgery.

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    thats sad 'wearing'
    i basically wear for the thrills of it.

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    I struggle to get into baby diapers now so I go for adult ones

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    I have had an attraction to diapers since I was really young. My first memory of longing to be in a diaper is of my 5 year old self running around my uncles back yard with my 2 year old cousin who was wearing only a diaper on a hot day. This was 30+ years ago so th baby diapers were still plastic backed. I remember seeing my cousins diaper and "accidentally" touching it over and over as we ran around. I loved the crinkle sound it made and I loved the way the plastic and padding felt. That attraction to diapers never faded and only got stronger as I got older. Then on summer, I was at my grandmas house helping her clean out her closet and I stumbled across a bag of depends plastic backed diapers. After I saw them, I could barely concentrate on the task at hand. I knew I had to somehow get one of those diapers and try it on. It just so happened that my grandma had to go to a doctors appointment the next day so when her and my grandpa left, I headed straight to the closet and grabbed a diaper and put it on. Man, my excitement and heart rate were building as I did my best to tape on that diaper. Once it was on, it was pure euphoria. I looked at myself on her closet door mirror and just admired the way it looked on my, all while caressing my diapered bulge and bottom. I couldn't figure out how to wet them, but I did figure out how to...ahem...pleasure myself in them. As I carressed and squeezed my diapered bulge, I noticed that it felt amazingly good. I kept doing it can figure that part out. It was the first time I ever did that so I didn't even know what it was or why it happened, but it felt so good. I stayed in my diaper for another couple of hours. I also stuffed a couple more diapers in my suitcase to take home with me. That was a great summer.

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    I wear diapers because I am a bedwetter and because I like the soft, comfortable feeling of the diaper. It's good to know that I have protection on and that my bed and clothing will stay dry.

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