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Thread: Your top 3 mommies/daddies

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    Default Your top 3 mommies/daddies

    If you could choose 3 celebrities that would be your ideal mommy or daddy who would they be? Big Bros and sisters as well as babysitters are ok too. Celebrities include athletes, reality starts, politicians etc. Let us all know why you made your choices. Pics of each celebrity would be cool too if we could upload pics.

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    Mine are in no particular order.
    1. Julia Roberts from Erin Brockovich. She's beautiful, assertive and jaw dropping in a pair of snug mom jeans.
    2. Sophia Vergara. I'm a sucker for gorgeous Latin Women. Her accent and beauty would have me on my best behavior.
    3. Babysitter Megan Fox. She's been a big crush of mine for a long time. Being seen in just my shirt and diaper by Megan would have me blushing like a school boy.
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    I would love to have Miranda Cosgrove as my babysitter or a sister. I've always had a crush on her and would love to have her change my diaper or play with me. I would also like to see her in a diaper so I would like her to be my sister as well.

    My mommy would be Nikki Bella. She is beautiful and strong si she could probably carry me to make me feel little. I'm not heavy I weigh about 150-155. She also has nice boobs and I would let her breastfeed me.

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    For me I'd say:
    Lia Marie Johnson (starred on Teens React for years)
    Miley Cyrus (she has AB tendencies)

    I can't think of a 3rd so they'll do lol

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    I'm sure my opinion differs wildly from everyone else reading the thread, but I happen to think Ashley Judd is the most beautiful woman in the world. She'd be my first choice.

    In second place, I'd pick a circa-1960s Marlo Thomas. Being babysat by Marlo in her late 20s would be the most fun I could have in a day; I might have been the inspiration for the That Girl episode, "Never Change a Diaper on Opening Night."

    Third would be Shirley MacLaine, about 1960, the way she appeared in The Apartment with Jack Lemmon.

    If you're going to dream, you may as well do a little time-traveling too.

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