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Thread: Would you trust strangers in the internet community knowing your real name?

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    Default Would you trust strangers in the internet community knowing your real name?

    To clarify, this isn't a prompt to ask any of you to post your real name on here, but I do bring this up because it's something I've been thinking about recently.

    I've started taking commissions for my ABDL related art (which you can see in the links in my sig) and am super excited for it. At the same time, though, I've asked to be paid through Paypal only and even though I can change my email that's attached to my Paypal account, I can't change my name on it. This means that, no matter what, people commissioning me may be able to see my real name.

    And I think this is an issue that is both warranted...but at the same time not that big a deal.

    Of course we all want to keep this side of ourselves private as much as possible. Now, it's true that there are people in the ABDL community that are more open with their lifestyle, but I've mostly seen others talk about it as something they'd rather do where the risk of exposure is minimal. By putting your name out there, even though it's only known by people who've got no clue about who you are in real life, it suddenly feels like your doors have been thrown open and everyone is seeing what you want to keep secret.

    This is especially daunting when one considers what future ramifications could be for this. Who's to say that someone online finds me in real life and exposes my lifestyle? Who's to say, by putting my name out into this community, any attempt at Google searching my name will bring up results revealing my specific likes? And with the advent of social media, suddenly finding a specific person can be easy.

    These are all real problems that could happen, but at the same have to consider that it's also not likely to happen.

    I've noticed that the internet isn't quick to really care that much about outing people for stuff they've done. I know of an animator that I enjoy that's done some small ABDL related works as well, but it's not at the forefront of the stuff they do. Plus, it's not that important to the net if it's something minimal.

    And it's not as though you're gonna be giving out every single piece of information about yourself outside of your name. In my case, my real name will only be seen when someone pays for a commission through Paypal and that's it.

    For me, at least, I'm fine with my real name being out there in a way, but I will agree that I wouldn't want to have it open all the time.

    What about you guys? Would you trust the community of the internet enough with your name?

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    I don't think so, too much risk involved. Besides, there's no difference if someone in the community knows my real name, it's just a name.

    Basically, no advantage but huge risk.

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    I don't mind people knowing my first name, but never anything else

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    This is something that concerns me greatly and has prevented me from donating/commissioning work from certain artists.

    Things like the recent(ish) patreon breach are particularily sombering. To pay for anything you pretty much do have to put your real name out there, and you are taking a risk (although probably not a huge one) of that someday biting you in the ass.

    Unfortunately a legitimately anonymous way of paying people over the internet is highly unlikely as that's kind of the organized crime wetdream. Bitcoin is as close as we'll likely get.

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    I have commissioned stuff before, but yeah, I'm not really comfortable letting people know my name.

    I have a very unique name, and live in a very rural area. Knowing my name would make me very easy to find. I'm not comfortable with that. But yeah, I still have commissioned stuff in the past, and I've never been really happy with having to use my real name to pay for that stuff on paypal.

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    I've also commissioned art before so yes, the artists would receive my real name via PayPal. This doesn't bother me too much, because I know the chances of an artist, particularly an ab/dl/babyfur/diaperfur etc. artist, exposing the names of their clients is quite slim. It's kind of like ordering ab-specific diapers. On the other hand, I'm not totally sure how much I would like my customers seeing my real name if I was the artist, like in your situation, SillySwampert. I can write a decent short story, and I've sometimes toyed with the idea of doing babyfur story commissions, but my customers seeing my real name would not be very attractive to me.

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    Nah. I really see little benefit in having my name out there with "diaper lover" attached to it. And, at the same time, the risks are pretty obvious! I've given my real name to other ADISC members, but only in rare situations when I expected to be contacting or meeting those people elsewhere--at a munch, for example. I'm not going to go to a munch and insist on being called Cottontail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cottontail View Post
    I'm not going to go to a munch and insist on being called Cottontail.
    I'd actually prefer being called Kimba over my real first name in an ab setting. It's my baby name, my fursona name. It seems I have three main names: my whole first name I use outside of home, the shortened version of it my family uses (although on occasion my parents call me by my middle name or its shortened form), and finally my baby name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post
    I'd actually prefer being called Kimba over my real first name in an ab setting. It's my baby name, my fursona name.
    I've met others who do the same, and I think that's fine. It's just not for me. Maybe if I was a real furry, I could see doing that. One of my former coworkers who was an AB went by his baby name at work--to everybody. 99.9% of people probably just though, "Oh, that's an interesting name." (It was even in the email address book for the company.) A few of us knew the truth.

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    Online, my real name is used, with respect to me being on the Board of Directors of a local non-profit organization.
    Anyway, few people here know my real name.

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