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Thread: Locking diapers?

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    Default Locking diapers?

    So, my Daddy and I are discussing actually locking me into my diapers I'm excited about the idea, but am unsure about how to go about it. Any advice?

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    It's hard to really prevent removal, even with something that is designed for the purpose, like locking plastic pants. They certainly make them more difficult to remove and even harder to replace while they're locked but it's ultimately a more psychological effect.

    If you see your daddy daily, a cheap and easy starting point would be to make a distinctive mark on your diaper with a marker to show if you changed. The mark could also go on the tapes to indicate tampering. That won't prevent the act itself but it does lead reasonably to appropriate punishments if you transgress.

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    Markings on the tapes is a good idea, maybe even better is something like a signature on the back of the diaper because if you have a unique signature they won't be able to easily replicate it. That won't stop them from slipping out of the diaper like it were underwear and cheat that system. I can't sew, but I stitch very well so I would get some fabric and create a diaper cover with a metal cable lock fitted just tight enough for their waist that it's impossible to slip off without cutting the lock or cable or ripping open the fabric. At that point when you get home and find their diaper cover destroyed; guess whos in BIG trouble, lol.

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    Locking plastic pants with lockable or velcro (with strapped paci) padded mittens!

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    I have a pair of locking plastic pants. Short of ripping the material, I'm staying in them.

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    I've got locking plastic pants, but depending on who wears them, they are still removable. Unless you really have hips that stick out a bit more than the rest of your body, it is possible to slip them off with just a few moments shuffling them down.

    The solution I come up with for that was lockable clothing, like a onesie or sleeper. I had an old sleeper to try it out on, and was quite successful in making a lockable tab that stopped you from moving the zipper down without breaking the material. Only thing is that the padlock was on show. Some people would prefer it isn't in sight, so I was looking at locking zippers, which need a key to pull down, but otherwise look like a normal zipper you would find on other clothes. Only problem was I couldn't find a supplier for them here in the UK.

    Even then, if you really wanted it off, you would be able to break your way out of it.

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    I'd say go with two options. One is either getting a pair of locking plastic pants so that only your CG can remove them, or get yourself a pair of locking mittens so that you can't peel off the tapes yourself.

    When it comes to keeping the key secure, and I find this to be helpful for Littles who want to lock themselves in for a certain amount of time, is get a kitchen safe. They're small plastic tubs with a timer locking lid that you can set to only unlock after a certain time has elapsed. It's perfect for keeping the keys to the plastic pants out of your hands if you don't have your CG nearby.

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    Another cheap option right now is littlekeepersleeper, if you play fair with them, you won't be able to take them off yourself, its doable for sure for an adult, but if you pretend your a kid, you shouldn't be able to take them off anytime soon.

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    You can buy fairly cheaply from most adult medical clothing companies, upgraded LKS with locking zippers and buckles and such, it is an ever growing and advancing industry because keeping a child in diapers is generally time limited, keeping an adult in diapers is a much tougher issue mainly because solutions need to be easy for care providers and be discrete so even the other patients cant tell who has "restraint clothing" and who doesnt, everything these days has to be politicly correct so no one feels like they have a scarlet letter, even if they are only in reality for 15 minutes a day.

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    Its surprisingly easy and foolproof - locking all-in-ones.

    Previously I ran into a place that sold nice footed jammies that had a locking zipper on them, I will look and see if I can find that again. The option was discretely shown. Ahh here it is, babypants:

    Or you could go the formal route:
    There's a niche market specifically for blocking diaper access discretely. For daytime/work wear, you could just get white ones and trim back the arms and legs to turn it into a bit of a onesie like some wear during the day, looks like you're just wearing a tshirt.

    Either way, if you can't get your all-in-one off, you're not getting at the tapes And it's much easier to secure the zipper on that than it is to try to protect just the diaper.

    Though... if you get one of those all-in-ones with the zipper on the BACK, that may be all that's necessary, depending on the wearer's flexibility.

    And one final idea I had awhile ago... if you punch a hole and install a grommet at the top material beside where the zipper stops, you can simply use a wire tie to tie the zipper pull to the grommet. Trim the tie flush with a little dikes and you have a perfectly trapped toddler for awhile as long as you hide/lock the cutters away. That would probably work fairly well in the front, and should be pretty foolproof, cheap, and universal for the back. This could work to modify a lot of different things - you could even do this to prevent removal of pants. I remember seeing awhile ago someone that wore zip-up button-fly jeans. He had problems with them unzipping and popping off, so he zipped up, turned the pull upward, tied it around the shaft of the button, then buttoned the fly. The zipper wasn't going anywhere, and it was 100% discrete. Again you're not getting out of those jeans without a nippers.

    I have a fleece all-in-one from these guys, they are expensive but build to suit, and offer a full length back zipper option:

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