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Thread: Survey help please

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    Default Survey help please

    My name is Sandra (Alex) Andrawis. I am a University of California, Davis Student Researcher. I am currently getting my degree in Psychology, with a minor in Human Sexuality. My current project is on Adult Babies / Diaper Lovers (AB/DL). This research will be presented at a U.C Davis research convention, and based on the quality of the research, may be published.
    Through my preliminary research, I’ve discovered how little research there is on AB/DL, and through interactions with AB/DL practitioners, I’ve realized how important this practice is to their identity. I would like for the information that I find to be of value to the AB/DL community, both in understanding themselves and educating others.

    My aim is to expand on recent research from Hawkinson and Zamboni (2014), Connolly (2006) and various other studies. These articles present AB/DL participants as a broad spectrum of people that do not all use AB/DL as a sexual outlet, nor do all of them use it as means of regression. My specific research is an exploratory study and what I hope to achieve is to make more information readily available for other researchers, therapists and the general public.

    I value the participation of the members of the AB/DL community and understand how very sensitive the information they may provide is. Because of the sensitive nature of this research, there are no questions that ask for information regarding personal identity and/or computer identity. This research adheres to the standards established by the University of California, Davis Internal Review Board (IRB) which has strict rules on how the information of participants is handled. The survey is 100% anonymous and confidentiality is assured. My contact email address is [email protected]. My email address is also presented with the consent form should participants have any questions. The link to the survey can be found here
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    Default Survey help please

    Hello Alex and welcome to the group.

    I just tried the link, but it would not load.

    I will attempted again tomorrow.

    Have you looked at Bitter Grays work at

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    It's funny we've had a survey posted on here recently from a place in Hamburg, Germany and now you. I took the survey, there were a number of questions that didn't apply to me but there was no option to say 'doesn't apply to me' on these particular ones. Also at the end it mentioned that I hadn't given consent and the survey would be terminated but I still continued and it said it had been recorded.

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    I did go back and take the survey.

    All of your questions have been asked in Bitter Gray's research.

    I still question if there has been a complete literature search?

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    I took the survey. Some feedback: There were a few places where I had to choose "Decline to Answer" despite that I wished to answer. For example, the following questions really needed a "Not Applicable" choice:

    * "If you like to role play a different age than you are, what age/s do you prefer to play? (Tick all that apply)"
    * "What has been your level of satisfaction with your experience with therapy?"
    * "During AB/DL practices, do you prefer having a mommy or a daddy?"

    The latter had a "No Preference" choice, which seems ambiguous unless you notice that there's also a choice (similar to) "Both Equally". Perhaps it was just worded poorly?

    And there were a few other oddities, like:

    * "In the least 6 months, have you experienced recurrent and intense sexual fantasies, desires or behaviors from any of the following (Please tick all that apply)"

    One of the choices was "None of the Above". In a "tick all that apply" question, the right way to accomplish "None of the Above" is to not tick anything. Otherwise you'll get possibly-weird stuff like people ticking "None of the Above" and (one of the above). Perhaps "None of the Above" was supposed to mean "Other"? Well, in my case, it just meant "No".

    And then there was this:

    * "Do you exclusively fantasize about things directly related to age play/diaper fetish during sex/masturbation?"

    ...which had a bazillion choices. Why? The question says "exclusively". The only possible answers to the question of whether I do a thing exclusively are "yes", "no", and "n/a". It's not possible to do something exclusively sometimes. That would be a "no". Just sayin'! Maybe this needed to be worded like "How often do you fantasize about..."?

    On the whole, I was surprised by how much the survey didn't cover. This stuff has tremendous depth, and I fear that, as a survey whose aim seems to be to bring light to an arcane little corner of the human experience, it can't really hope to succeed. It only probed the most superficial dimensions of AB/DL, while seeming far more concerned with nailing down basic, census-type demographics. I would suggest that the authors of this survey look at the BitterGrey survey and other surveys done by the community itself to identify the sorts of deeper questions that might be asked to really differentiate AB/DLs in interesting ways.
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    I also did the survey. I found most questions pretty good. I think with these questions you might be able to say something about AB/DL people compared to non AB/DL people.

    It is indeed quite exploratory and not a research to how or why people become AB/DL. But thats also very important before a more in debt study can be conducted.

    Will the outcomes be publicly available and where can we find them?

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    I took the survey as well. I do think it's curious that there coincidentally has happened to be an interest in studying this area by multiple people at around the same time. Maybe we'll see several results all come out at once.

    One note is that some of the questions had "agree" and "slightly agree" columns switched so that it was difficult to tell which was the more confident answer.

    I think the exclusivity question, which Cottontail commented on, was confusingly written. Based on the options, I think you're trying to ask about whether sexual fantasies are about ABDL things all of the time, most of the time, some of the time, infrequently, or never. Also, I really don't see the distinction between "yes" and "every time" in that question, so you might get weird data there.

    Please do drop by and post here when the results are done so we can take a look.

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    Default Survey update

    We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to give us their input. It has been brought to our attention that there have been a few minor edits that needed to be made to the survey. We have made those adjustments and separated the data which we will statistically control for. Those who have surveys in progress can pick up where they left off. We would greatly appreciate it if you can complete those surveys.
    To address some comments and questions, first we would like to emphasize that this research is exploratory in nature and our goal for this initial step is to look at aspects of relationships with AB/DL and some related behaviors. We are also looking at the description / perception of AB/DL by participants versus clinical professionals to help facilitate understanding.
    Please do not try to guess what we are trying to explore as this will influence your responses and the data. Analysis of the data will take different approaches to see how the responses may or may not fit together. The results will help us to fine tune the survey to be a better and more comprehensive assessment in the future.
    You will be informed of the exploratory results (which will be in several months after the survey has closed). Additional feedback is encouraged and most certainly will be welcomed at that point!
    We will occasionally post general forum updates to answer relevant questions but these posts will not be immediate. We very much value all input from the community and we stress that all communication, especially sent by email, will remain confidential but will be shared between the two investigators.
    We want to thank everyone who has taken the time to complete the survey to date. Your participation and comments / feedback has been great and we are humbled and gratified by your help!

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    I was able to open it. It is a pop up if u have pop ups blocked un block it u should be able to take the survey

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    I took this as well. I wish they had does not apply on some of these questions. 1ABDLresearcher, will you remain on this site as an active member to get to know folks. I feel this would only help towards your research and understanding people here.

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