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Thread: I Cant go on my childcare Course for Another year

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    Default I Cant go on my childcare Course for Another year

    I have been suffering from Depression and it Showed Last Time when i was on the Course and i got taken Off it. I tried to get back on it and they say i am not Ready and have made Some lies saying i didnt Follow instructions and that was 2 YEARS Ago wtf?! My other options Are to Try and get a aprenticeship but will they Know about my past and use it against me. Or Do a Couple of side Courses like languages Or art Or something. I dont Want to Do this, i get Angry so easy and i hate it, its just not me, i feel horrible! I have been getting better from Depression for 3 Months now all my work for nothing! I refuse to let this make me Fall back.

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    Is there a garantee you will be able to take the childcare course in an other year, or is it just a maybe? If it is not certain then I would look at going into something else. Regardless, you should probaby do some other courses in the meantime. You will learn something and it will look good for when you re-apply to the childcare course.

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    I'm not sure I understand the context here. Where is this course offered and what do you need it for? That might help figure out the best way to approach the problem.

    More generally, if you're having trouble with depression and anger, just keep on trying to improve and do better. I hope that you're seeing a doctor if you're able to come up with strategies for how best to manage it as well.

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