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    I've been wearing diapers recreationally since about the year 2000 and always had an interest since I was a young child (late 80's) I'm constantly looking for new ways to keep the fetish fresh. I like trying new things with diapers. Today, I decided it was the day to wear a diaper to work all day long. I've worn here before, but usually I bring a diaper with me and change into it at the end of the day with only a couple hours left until I go home. This morning I put on a diaper at home and left for work. I plan to change into a fresh one when I get home. This will be about 10 hours in one diaper. I am now halfway through the day and I've wet it once. I'll probably have to go again soon. I chose a Tena Slip Maxi because they're pretty discreet and have a capacity that I think will last me all day.

    So I'm curious; for those of you that wear to work, what are you're habits? Do you wear all day? Are you normally able to make it all day with one diaper or do you have to change part way through the work day? What diaper do you prefer? Which diaper quality (discreetness, capacity, comfort) do you place the most emphasis on? Have you ever been caught? I just want to know what other people's experiences are.

    Bonus question: how do you keep you're diaper wearing fresh and interesting?

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    When I had a desk job, I would often wear to work, but I was never brave enough to actually wet it. I would still use the facilities as normal and keep my diaper dry until my drive home. Now that I am in sales and am on the road all day, I will always wet my diaper when wearing. As for keeping the fetish fresh, I don't really get to wear that often so it hasn't really become stale for me yet. It's always a rush when I can wear. But I guess trying new diapers can keep it fresh. Maybe wearing to different places that you never wore before. Wetting while in a conversation with somebody. Just a few suggestions.

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    My work life is complicated, as I am rarely in the office all day, but I've worn diapers to the office tons of times. I carry a satchel with me that has my fresh diapers & supplies inside a zippered compartment, so I'll usually go to the lobby bathroom or the bathroom on another floor. This way, no one will question me always taking my bag to the Men's room.. Not that they probably ever would any way.

    I refrain from trying to extend the life of a diaper vs. changing. The way I look at it is that there are many other ways that an overwhelmed adult diaper can out you to your coworkers than changing in a remote bathroom.

    Keeping the fetish fresh is a whole other, much larger fish to fry. This is partly why I decided not to go 24/7, but at the same time, a lot of the elements that make me want to wear diapers can't really go stale. Even if I'm not excited by diapers that day, I'll still wear for mental comfort and serenity. Also, there are times where I wear diapers for convenience while commuting, traveling Etc.

    Other than that, there are plenty of other ways to express your fetish side. Writing stories, trying new diapers, writing reviews, wearing to new places, etc.

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    I wear daily to work and at home, 24/7.
    I wear a Tranquility ATN during the day at work and anytime I am out in public. I find this is a great diaper for discrete yet absorb and hold 2 wettings.
    I rarely can get through an entire day without changing. I usually wet around 11am or certainly by 2pm. I cannot change in my small office complex bathroom. Too much chance of discovery by noise. I usually will go out to my car in the back parking lot and change in the front seat quickly (chair seat laid back). Not the greatest, but better than getting the urine smell late in the afternoon at my desk or talking with my coworkers.
    I have come to prefer wearing diapers vs regular underwear - less risk of wetting my pants embarrassment and more convenient to change than wet pants or bed sheets.
    At home, weekends, and night time, my currently preferred diaper is the Dry 24/7.
    I like to try different diapers and have a large supply.
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    Thanks for the replies so far...a lot of good info. The fetish has not gone stale for me either, in part because I am so willing to try new things with it. Even if I'm just wearing around the house I still get a rush from taping on and wearing a diaper. My assumption is because I don't wear 24/7 it causes me to build up the craving until the next time I wear. I suspect that even if I didn't try anything new from this point forward, I would still be a lifelong diaper lover. It's part of me and part of my lifestyle.

    Wearing at work today has definitely heightened the excitement; possibly because it helps further the illusion that I "need" to wear diapers. A fantasy of mine has always been diaper dependency; however it will remain a fantasy. I have no interest in becoming truly incontinent, I just like to pretend. My job as a industrial machine technician allows me to be on my own for most of the day, and I'm hardly ever in a quiet environment. Therefore, my chances of being "outed" are quite low. So far, today has been a normal day except for the fact that I don't have to visit the restroom and I'm wearing a diaper under my uniform! It's kind of a rush to be talking to a coworker while wearing a wet diaper and they know nothing about it!

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    As a side note, I can't wait to try some other diapers at work. I chose the Tena Slip Maxi's today because I've trusted them for's sad that only have 1 bag left after I finish of this one (about 6 diapers left). I also have a bag of Molicare Super Plus, Northshore Supreme, and iD Slip PE. All will get tested at work over the next month or so!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DPRLuv85 View Post
    So I'm curious; for those of you that wear to work, what are you're habits? Do you wear all day? Are you normally able to make it all day with one diaper or do you have to change part way through the work day? What diaper do you prefer? Which diaper quality (discreetness, capacity, comfort) do you place the most emphasis on? Have you ever been caught? I just want to know what other people's experiences are.
    I wear 24/7 so yes, definitely to work. I rarely wet at work, and if i do it's very close to quitting time, so I don't have to change at work. In the past at my previous job I had much more privacy and would often start wetting hours before close. Once I got a bit carried away and actually had to change as I was just about to leak.

    I use the toilet during the day, I usually have to pee once or twice. I've gotten the drill down for how to "snake it out" to go without my diapeer having to budge.

    My first experiences were with bambino teddy. Too thick! Also sweats a lot. I changed to totaldry plus, they were thinner, a lot cheaper, and still had good leak guards. (I have skin-on-skin rubbing issues down there) but no front/back elastic and a LOT lower capacity. But they were may daytime diaper for over a year. I was looking for a better alternative when Snuggies Waddlers came out, and I switched immediatelyFront and rear elastic, softer shell, much better capacity, MUCH more comfortable, and only slightly more expensive. I was in them for about a year also. Waddlers were discontinued recently, about the time the vers 2 SDK/cushies came out, and I gave them a runtest that has turned into a semi-permanent switch. I still have a small amount of waddlers left, but for now I am fulltime SDK at work. They're a lot thicker, but somehow dont sweat bad and are pretty comfortable. I hope abu comes out with a thinner version of the SDK in the near future.

    As I said earlier, I have "skin rubbing" issues that make for some incredibly painful rashes. I guess I'm a little unusual that regular briefs can't make it all the way from left to right so that leaves something rubbing on one side or the other. TALL leak guards totally fix that problem though, and I'm vastly more comfortable by day's end in a diaper than in briefs. (and boxers are totally out of the question!) So tall leak guards are an absolute necessity, and give me a totally honest "excuse" to be diapered 24/7. I also require my diapers to not cause me to sweat or break out in pimples on my hips. I insist on plastic or very similar texture. From there I am a little more flexible - I prefer front and rear elastic, and all white. SDKs are mostly white, and if my shirt happens to come untucked at work, my diaper with its rear elastic is easily mistaken for white boxers at any distance. (so, better than the pastel pinkblue of the snuggies anyway) But no front elastic, and much thicker than I'd prefer.

    I didn't often come out of the back room at the old job, but one time near close I was called out front to help with a sudden rush of customers. I was in a pretty wet bambino by that point, and the customer asked me why I was walking funny, "is your leg asleep?" "uhh, yup, fell asleep!" But that's all that I know about.

    Bonus question: how do you keep you're diaper wearing fresh and interesting?
    I have an uncommonly large variety of diapers on hand, possibly a reaction from not having diapers in the past. While I don't vary my daytime wear, I do change up my evening and overnight wear quite a bit. Overnight I do kitten, idyl, paws, simple, space, teddy, confidry, or A+/4. Evenings I've been working through tena slip basic, slip maxi (cloth), waddler overnights, A+/3. Some of these I just happen to have from previous order and don't intend to reorder, but others I reorder when I get low. I expect to drop idyl, space, A+, tena, and waddler. (not sure what I will settle on for evening wear) So I keep it fresh by variety.

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    Well, I made it home with no leaks. Total: 10 hours in a Tena Slip Maxi. Now I've changed into a fresh Northshore Supreme.

    Today I have set two personal records: longest time diapered at work (all day) and longest time spent in diapers non-stop; 12 hours and still counting!

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    I wear IC pads at work. At my work it is very quiet. I work in a office. But when I am out in public I wear a thin diaper. I am still shy to wear a full diaper out in public. But I do feel much more relax wear an IC pad. But I am trying to get used to wearing diapers more out in public to overcome my nervousness.

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