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    Greetings everyone,

    I am looking to purchase sample packs, yet I don't know what sites to explore for them. I am looking to try LittlePawz, Cushies, and other printed types; cloth or plastic backed.

    I already checked out and paying $12 for two isn't worth it; rather pay for ten or more, but I don't want to have that many just yet.

    My parents are going to Hawaii in two weeks, I think; thanks to me and brothers. So, I am planning to be wearing most of the time that they are gone.

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    ABU is very responsive on their contact/email link, you can request a mixed larger shipment if you like. A case might be a bit too much to start with tho especially if you don't know for certain the size you need.

    I could picture a "abu super sampler" that had one of each of their line, in both medium and large....

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