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    So a while ago I bought some adult diapers from Boots, it was their own brand tape on diapers size M/L and they come in a pack of 10.

    I was wondering, because now baby diapers are a bit of a squeeze and I don't mind paying extra money for adult diapers what is the best you can get in the UK from stores like Boots, ASDA, Sainsbury's etc?

    Also I have looked at convert-a-nappy and may try that but for now I don't mind buying adult diapers.

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    The best that I have seen in any major store would be the cloth-backed Tena Slip Maxi, which I have seen in a couple of larger ASDA stores. Boots stock rebranded Attends, and I suspect have an agreement not to sell anything else.

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    There's two big ASDA stores near me, one I went into didn't seem to have them but I haven't checked the other one in the centre of my town

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    Are you sure? I've only ever seen Tena Slip Super, and then only size Large sadly.

    I don't think Tena Slip are worth having though, unless you can find some of the older ones or the very new Active Fit ones.

    I actually think in terms of store bought Boots' repackaged Attends are the best on-the-shelf option; but given what's been revealed about Boots abusing NHS funding this week I shalln't recommend them and wont be purchasing again.

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