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Thread: Increasingly late delivery and danger of being uncovered

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    Default Increasingly late delivery and danger of being uncovered

    Right now, I am in a very stressful position and it's all on account of an increasingly late delivery from PaddingPlus.

    I've recently placed an order for three new NUK 5 pacifiers, as I felt the one I had was starting to get worn out. What made it better was that my dad (whom I share a house with) would be out for the week so I could get the package without worry of being discovered.

    ...I placed that order a week ago, and it has yet to get to me. To clarify this issue, PaddingPlus operates in Melbourbe and I live in Adelaide which are the two closest cities to each other in Australia (it takes like 8-10 hours tops to travel between them) Furthermore, I've purchased from PaddingPlus before and I've received my packages at a decent time.

    But as the order becomes increasingly lage, the closer the days roll by until my dad gets back and the more precariously close I get to having my lifestyle be exposed to him. Now, thankfully he works most of the day and I'm currently at home most of the time, so getting the order when he's not home is easy enough. However, I'm expected to travel upstate in a few day's time, which will mean that dad will be the only one at the house. Plus, I've gone out of my way to create a cover story that I bought myself a game, so if the pacifiers get here while I'm away and dad picks them up, he sure as heck will have some questions for me.

    This is becoming increasingly troublesome for me as I paid good money to get those pacifiers, but the last thing I want is to expose myself to my dad. I've contacted PaddingPlus through email to ask whether or not my order has been sent, but they've yet to get back to me. The only other course of action I can take is to contact them through their pgone number to hopefully get some better answers.

    I'm really feeling like I'm dancing on the razor's edge right now...

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    That really sucks! I hope you get your delivery in time. If your dad gets it is he going to open it? He really shouldn't if it is addressed to you

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    Well that sucks. Hee, hee, hee.
    So What's the worst that can happen if your Dad finds out about you and your brother.
    So you have an unusual lifestyle choice.

    But you know your family better than anybody here. So my advice would be to ring a company and talk to them.
    Next time biy British. We know how to really mess things up

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoakedSheets View Post
    That really sucks!

    Hay that was my joke

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    Good luck! I had that problem today. My dad just opened a whole case of ABU Little Paws of mine today so... I wasn't so lucky Really sucks. Hope things work out much better for you!

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    Crap, that sucks to hear bro. I can't stand unresponsive customer service in general, but with your privacy on the line, I sincerely hope they get their shit straight and give you some answers and options.

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    OK, I've gotten some good news after calling PaddingPlus. They let me know that the delay in my package was due to a problem with stock of the pacifiers, and that my order was finally sent yesterday, meaning I should get the package either later today or tomorrow. If this is true, then I shouldn't have to worry about my dad finding out

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