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Thread: Might have antisocial personality disorder...

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    Default Might have antisocial personality disorder...

    What does that mean? It's basically a nice way of calling me a psychopath. I have never felt empathy and it's been a very long time since I felt any form of guilt. I have never cared about feelings. I have never felt bad about lying to get what I want. Maybe that makes me a bad person in your view and maybe it doesn't. I just want to get some thoughts on this.

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    I think the severity of it depends on whether it has gotten you into trouble, either with other people or the law. If you can live with it and so can others, that may work, but if it's creating problems in your life, you should be seeing some kind of professional counselor. We all know the worst case scenarios involving anti social behavior.

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    That does seem like a challenge. But then everything we do is part nature and part nurture. I'm not a big fan of attaching labels like these to ones nature, because, too often, they just become lame excuses not to self-nurture. Sure, you may not naturally anticipate how people will feel about your behaviors, but you're logical. You can reason about things. When you get a reaction that doesn't work for you--doesn't result in the outcome you'd hoped for--you can remember that. When another person behaves a certain way and gets the result you wanted, you can remember that, too. Once you've collected enough of these anecdotes, you'll be putting on such a great show that nobody will know it's all an act.

    But if that sounds bad, just consider that your own happiness, however you define that, likely hinges on your ability to do this. The world is a social place. If you can't be naturally social, at least be consciously manipulative.

    Think, too, about driving a car. That's not in our nature, and most of us don't know or even care how the things work. But we're given a manual, told the rules of the road, we practice, and voila! We're functional. Don't tell me you can't drive because you weren't born knowing how.

    And don't be too eager to let stuff like this define you, especially to other people. If it's a diagnosis that leads to treatment, that's different. Otherwise, flatly announcing this sort of thing always comes across--to me, anyway--as a declaration of intent to offend. I'm not really into that.
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    It seems to me what your describing is not a "disorder" but rather a "factory option" that leads most people with it and not diagnosed to be elected to public office ( politics) of some kind.

    If it bothers you or interferes with the normal everyday life you want to live,then do seek help with it, just know there are millions of other people with the "disorder" both diagnosed and undiagnosed out there, and as eith anything there sre steps that can be taken to remediate the impact it has on your life, it can not be "cured" but it is very liveable.

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    Cottontail makes a very valid point "diagnosing" and labeling people is the in thing, but in alot of cases this simply leads to uninformed choices that cause the person to become dysfuctional in life. In this age of electronics technology people get a diagnosis go to the net and learn how to live up to the label, developing symptoms they did not have previously. I have had doctors misdiagnose me with things and apologize later when "all the facts were in" and i tell them the same thing everytime it happens I do not care, even though its in my "Medical Records " for the rest of eternity its just a label ( an example of this would be i was "diagnosed" with ALS and should be dead from it long before now, in reality after all the facts came in I have two other diseases that cause me to have and live with all the signs and symptoms of ALS, however annoying they may be, them being wrong has led to a longer lifespan for me, But everytime i get a new Doctor it scares the hell out of them until they learn I am not the label and yes i am a doctors worst nightmare on paper,in reality i am just a sarcastic smart ass patient who refuses to give in and just die) . So you are alot more than your label, be like me and do not live up to the label.

    An example of this labeling craze is all the Direct to consumer pharmaceutical company ad's, do you have A B and C going on , this could be X and it can be treated with our new drug So go to your doctor and ask for X, 99% of this is the drug company coming up with a drug to treat a bunch of "symptoms" and then creating a new disease or disorder that this new drug alledgedly treats. It gets them more money out of "Joe publics" wallet, and if you dont think the drug companies are "evil and greedy" look at " i am down with Crestor" this is the best selling # 1 drug in its class,they make billions off of it, however it was originaly patented as a drug to treat a specific "orphan disease" and therefor the company has made millions of dollars before it was ever released in stimulus payments from the Federal Government(and they continue to make money out of the taxpayers for its "orpan drug" status) despite it being the most successfull cholesterol lowering drug in history worldwide. They figured out how to make a ton of money from the Government by patenting it for an orphan disease and then claim magicaly they learned of all of its other properties and uses,Bullshit.

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    If you really have antisocial personality disorder, how come you do care about our opinions about this and if it is a good or bad thing?

    Also you're a DL. I would say being a DL has something to do with deep emotions and empathy..?

    If you have asp it doesn't automatically make you a good or bad person. In the end it's the things you do that define if you're good or bad to the people around you right? I think there are many people with asp who just function normally. Some are even very sucessful in their careers as they don't care about other peoples feelings or interests.

    Well these are just my thoughts

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    Disorder labels are just a starting point that helps direct a treatment plan. Such things aren't really suppose to leave the medical field. Many of the doctors I had would never reveal the diagnosis on my file as it would skew my therapy. Likewise the DSM is a manual for those in the field in context. Just like pharmacology or legal documents are technically English but are their own languages. Engineering or patent notes are worse.

    I know I'm somewhere on the bipolar and dissociative spectrums because that is what I've put most of my effort into fixing, beyond that it doesn't really matter. I go to work, do chores, hang out with friends, the wheels keep turning.

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    One of my favorite movie quotes is from Dirty Harry "A man's got to know his limitations"

    You know that you have a blindspot in the area of empathy, so you adjust for that in your behavior in order to get along in life. No different than a shy person joining Toastmasters. You're probably not going to cry during every sappy movie, but you ought to be able to fake it well enough that you don't offend Mom on Mother's Day.
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