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    Normally my diaper dreams are purely sexual, or theyare the classic naked in public/school. Last night was filled with those kinds of dreams but the last of these dreams was me sitting at the foot of a bed on the floor in just my diaper and I was talking to a beautiful girl who was just sitting on her bed also wearing just a diaper. The whole dream was just us sitting there having some sort of meaningful conversation, we weren't speaking about diapers at all and that's the key thing that stands out about the dream because we were both wet and messy. I've read before somewhere that the people you see in your dreams can only be people you've seen/ known in real life; I certainly have never seen this girl before, I remember her face quite clearly which was very pretty, long straight dirty blonde hair, perfect figure with a average sized breasts. The only thing we both had on were dirty m4's. We weren't talking about any specific topic just casually chatting about nothing and everything. We were just very comfortable with each other even as exposed to each other as we were. Upon waking I was really upset, I could have lived in that moment forever.
    So my question for everyone would be why wasn't she one of my friends(especially one of my friends I have crushes on) like normally pop up in my diaper dreams? And how is it possible I didn't recognize her at all? I don't really know if I believe in premonitions or seeing the future more specifically, but holy cow... I was a bit devastated when I woke up during this dream and tried getting right back to sleep in hopes of jumping back into the dream but couldn't. It was incredibly vivid though, and I'm glad to remember mostly the perfect comfortableness I felt while we were talking. Zero embarrassment for me or her seeing each other, and that's something I've never experienced in a diaper dream.

    I remembered a couple more small details, the room we were in was small with cinder block walls like in a barracks/ college dorm and there was nothing in the room but the bed which only had a sheet covering it. There were also about ten balled up used premium diaper randomly tossed about on the floor. We must have had a fun 48hrs or so hehe.
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    I've had a few of those dreams. You just wish it would never end, but unfortunately it always does . As for why you didn't recognize her, I've always been told that you don't have to actually know the person or even remember meeting them. It could have been the face of someone you passed by on the street, and your mind takes a note of it and uses it later.

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    you subconsciously remember every face you meet on the street. Chances are you did see her and probably stared at her without knowing it too, going by your description of her. Some people think that the mind can remember strangers in exact detail up to 6 months after you've seen them longer if you spoke to them.

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    What if there's this mysterious girl, somewhere at there, and she likes wearing diapers, and she's having the same dream about you at the same time? Well, now you've given me another idea for a Halloween story!

    Isn't it amazing what our sub-conscious mind will come up with. I've had some amazing dreams, but recently, my dreams have all been fairly bad. I keep having dreams about water. Two nights ago, I dreamed our house had a secret 3rd story above the 2nd story, and my mother-in-law was up there experimenting with aquatic DNA, making a race of super lobsters. I kid you not. And in the dream, I first noticed when water was coming down through our ceiling. I'm guessing I was wetting my diaper while I slept.

    Last night I dreamed I was taking a class where I and other students had to take care of fish tanks, and in it, we were testing for water quality, fish diseases, etc. But my tank kept leaking and I was losing all the water so I couldn't do my tests, tests I was being graded on. Then I dreamed I was wetting my jeans. Yes...sighs...once again I think I was wetting my diaper.

    So, I think your dream is a lot better than mine.

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    I normally do not remember my dreams but there have been two that I do remember. In one of those dreams, I did not recognize any of the people in the dream. In the other dream, there were no people.

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    I personally believe that some dreams do have special meanings. I can't say for certain whether or not yours does, but it definitely sounds like it could. You said your diaper dreams are normally purely sexual, so it could mean that your affection for diapers is starting to become more normal and non-sexual. Or perhaps it's some premonition of the future (not to give you any false hope). Again, I can't say for certain that it had any real meaning, but it's something to ponder anyway.

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    It's probably just someone you made up. Probably you conjured up your 'dream girl' in your head sometime in the past and then your brain decided to show her to you again. Perhaps you occasionally desire non-sexual interactions with diapered people, so your brain will produce that fantasy in your dreams.

    Personally, I love it when I dream something I have desires for. Unfortunately, I never had a diaper dream despite the fact I sleep in diapers every night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    What if there's this mysterious girl, somewhere at there, and she likes wearing diapers, and she's having the same dream about you at the same time? Well, now you've given me another idea for a Halloween story!
    Better PM me with the link to that story when it's done, I don't think I've visited the story boards here in possibly years gonna have to stop there and take a look.

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    My diaper dream is winning the Lotto and creating a special hotel where people can go to be who they really are.The ABDL wing would be for adult babies with mommies to take care of them, the AK wing would be for Adults who want to dress and be treated like kids ,any age or stage from say 4 to 14 or 15) and the CD wing where those who wish to wear female clothes can find solitude .I guess the focus of my hotel would be the multi talented staff who get to look after them and , I suppose the salon where they can buy supplies , clothes etc....

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