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Thread: How can you tell when someone is peeing in their diaper

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    Default How can you tell when someone is peeing in their diaper


    I was just wondering if there are signs you can notice when someone is peeing in their diaper. ....perhaps people can tell I am peeing in front of them.


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    Donít about you, but with kids standing still with a distance stare is often a sign something is happening in their diaper.

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    If people don't know you aren't wearing a diaper then they won't have a clue that you're peeing unless it's quiet and you can hear the sound. I've done it in front of people before and they never know

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    I do it all the time in stores. Ill be stopped or in the checkout line. Wearing premium diapers you can't hear a thing.
    I still look around like I'm still shopping. No one is the wiser.

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    Most people have "tells" of some kind but the other person needs to 1. know you wear and use 2. Know you well enough and be around you enough to associate your "tell" with using your diaper, so unless somebody has these building blocks of knowledge about you ,you have nothing to worry about.
    "So enjoy the go" its al good.

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    I've gotten to the point where I can wet while having a conversation. I may have a tell... But only time will tell if I have one!

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    Some people have a "pee face" that gives it away. Though if you're aware of it you can suppress it and just act normally. In a non-premium diaper, the main tells will be sound and possibly a slight scent.

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    look for the lines or paw prints to disappear from the diaper :p

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    I have been able to walk and pee at the same time. Took me a very long time to get that point.

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