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Thread: Looking for a skeleton.

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    Default Looking for a skeleton.

    Bit of an odd question here, but given that fact you never know who's on this site I figured I might as well ask. I'm looking to buy a skeleton. Not a real one, but one made of plastic or some other kind of material. I don't need it to be medical grade quality. Just durable enough I can pose it, dress it up, and use it as a decoration around the house. Kinda like a dummy. Anybody know where I could get one without having to...well spend an arm, and a leg?

    Thanks for your time.

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    So do you have this one yourself or did you just find it on Amazon? I'm a bit torn between the different kinds to pick from on there.

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    there's always, available on Amazon, too.
    i've seen the odd one available second-hand on your side of the pond.

    i used to have a skeleton, made from one of those weekly magazine gigs, but it wasn't properly posable.

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    All those seem to be dolls of little girls, not skeletons. My grandmother had over a dozen of these, and it was honestly very creepy the way they seemed to look at you.

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