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Thread: Medium or large?

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    Default Medium or large?

    Hey everybody,
    I was wondering what everyone's opinion on what size would be best for me, I have a 36" waist so normally choose medium which is what most companies advise, but I read somewhere (can't remember where) that some people found the large is a better fit,
    What's everyone's thoughts on this, would they just drown me or is it worth a try?

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    I enjoy a larger diaper that I can stuff more. If you want to try stuffing with boosters, cloth, or even a baby diaper with holes to allow pass through, then a large will work a lot better for that. Just remember to tape using the x technique so you get a nice tight fit. I would just start with some samples and see if you like them enough to pay the price since large is usually a few less per pack than the medium.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fascinating View Post
    "Just remember to tape using the x technique"
    Explain this, please.

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    I wear a size 32-34 pant, and wear a large. I've found they work WAAAAAAY better for me, especially at night. the top tape needs to go lower on the front tape landing zone, and the lower tape often doesant go on the landing zone at all.

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    It depends on the nappy. I have a 30" waist lying down and the large Dry 24/7 was way to large in the leg, but large Bellissimos are just right.

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrewgdfw View Post
    Explain this, please.
    Pull the bottom tapes up and the top tapes down and they form an "X". If your hips are larger than your waist and the nappy is high enough, the top will hook over your hip bones keeping the nappy from sagging.

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    Those are some big ass tapes!

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    Well just keep in mind that it's easier to wear an oversize diaper than an undersize diaper. "can't get it taped" is a much bigger issue than "swimming in it". So when in doubt, go large. I have a 39" waist, meaning my hips get out to around 42", and the lower tapes have to take the "scenic route" up and around to their spot on the front and so require more distance. Some diapers are marketed showing total width the top tapes will fit, with no care for the lower tapes requiring more distance, and that can lead you to buy diapers that "should fit" but that don't.

    My rule of thumb is "measure your beltline. Add five inches. (more if you have wide hips) That's the size you need. So if you have 38" hips, and a medium says it goes to 40", don't expect it to fit. Try to find something that says it'll fit at least 43" if you can. Not all diapers indicate their size like this, but it's a problem with enough of them that this is the safer attitude to take. Abena and Northshore I can confirm are that way.

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    Large. I am also a 36 waist and for EVER have ordered Medium and thought that was normal until I tried a large once... couldn't believe how much better of a fit it was. Go Large.

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    Come to think I typically go large but went medium with dry 24/7s despite being a 42 or so, I think it'll be alright, the larges were so large they leaked from the legs I found.

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