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Thread: iD Slip PE Maxi

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    I was browsing through XP Medical recently, and I noticed they have a plastic backed diaper known as the iD Slip PE Maxi in stock. My curiosity was piqued when the description on the site stated they are a good alternative to the Tena Slip Maxi. Does anyone around here have any experience with them? Do they have an absorbency similar to that of the now discontinued Tena Slip Maxi?

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    I have now gone through about 5 of these. They have a functional capacity higher than the Tena Slip Maxi. They are just a touch thicker, and they "gel" about the same. I think it's fair to say they're a good replacement for the Tena Slip Maxi's. There are some differences you should be aware of. The iD's use a double tape system as opposed to the Tena's which use a landing zone and single tape; this refers to the manner in which they can be refastened, both diapers use two tapes per side. The iD's do not fit as snug as the Tena's and the padding does not come up as high. Also, the iD's from XP are all white with a yellow wetness indicator and yellow text running up the center.

    All in all, a great diaper. One of my new favs. They're also decently priced for a premium diaper. I would definitely recommend you try some!

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    I just got a sample pack of these from XP Medical actually, and they are a pretty good product overall, pretty comparable to the Tena Slip Maxi. I feel like they are a little thicker than the Tena Slip. One thing that I think could improve them, is if the padding went higher up the rear, feels like it stops a little short.

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    I tried the cloth-like backed ones and I was actually really impressed (as I usually hate the fake-cloth backsheet). They fit well, didn't stretch/sag and they have been the best cloth-like disposables I've tried. I'm going to order some of the plastic-backed ones soon. Hopefully they'll be even better.

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    Probably a decent replacement for Tena as far as functionality goes, but nothing at all like Tena as far as fit and feeling. If you've ever tried northshore supremes, they remind me a lot of those.

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    They are exactly the same as the ID Slip Super (PE Backed) according to Ontex the manufacturer. They have just been rebranded for the NA market as Maxi for some reason! Ontex has told us that they aren't able to make a plastic backed slip with the same absorbency as their cloth backed Maxi for reasons I don't quite understand.

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    Thanks for the information, everyone. I ordered some of these diapers recently, and I am waiting for them to arrive.

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    These have become my favorite go to diaper for the most part, priced decently enough to become diapers I wear regularly. I don't usually do cloth backed ones, but their cloth one that is also on xp medical's site is quite thirsty. I did a long 6+ hour trip wearing them without needing a change, they tend to do quite well for me.

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    Well, my order arrived and... they're okay. The tapes are great and stay stuck down, but they're a bit thin and the material clumps a bit. They do the job, but there are better diapers out there. :-/

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