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Thread: I really need my sleep otherwise I am a very grumpy boy. And no one likes a crosspatch.

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    Cool I really need my sleep otherwise I am a very grumpy boy. And no one likes a crosspatch.

    I really need my sleep otherwise I am a very grumpy boy. And no one likes a crosspatch

    So I have think on how I like my bed time to go. This is only a guide' it is more how I like to get ready for bed But I thought it may help someone.

    You may think of things you like to add.

    Bed time need to be handled right becouse of the Monsters under the bed. And they can stop you from sleeping. As alot of fears can come out to bother you giving you anxiety. So getting ready for bed in a way that you are calm is very important.

    Going to bed at bed time.
    this is earlier than adults usually about 10 o'clock but getting ready for bed may start about 8 o'clock as giving your self lots of time to get ready for bed will help you sleep better.
    I know that's easier said than done. When you're going out to the social event. Or sleepover with friends This whole thing will have to change.

    If you are a caregiver you will be able to help your Little a lot. By going through what we did in the day and praising us for anything that is good. This is not the time bring up anything that is bad. You should have dealt with that at the time. You can also let us know what is going to happen tomorrow remember anything like the dentist or the doctor will need to be followed up with a fun activity.

    If you don't have a caregiver you can do the same thing for yourself.
    You may like to use gold stars all the good things you've done in the day.
    Send a diary so you know what you are meant to be doing tomorrow.
    And remember to pack a fun activity to do after anything that is not so good.

    Turning off all your electronic toys and the television when you are going to start to get ready for bed also remember to lock the front door put the answering machine on so you will not be disturbed. Also by turning the electric toys off you're not get that electric humm, that may keep you awake

    having a bubble bath with something called Lavender which you also use in cooking but you can get it in a small bottle and they have turned it into a liquid. Don't drink it becouse it is yucky, you put some drops in the bath at the same time as the stuff that makes the bubbles.

    This will help you relax as you are playing in the bath, I like to draw pictures with my bath time crayons, and you not going to get in to trouble becouse they can be washed off after.

    If you are lucky and have a caregiver to give you a bath get them to use a sponge as this is fun to play with and it is nicer on your skin and they can give you a massage as they wash you which will help you relax.
    Also with washing your hair I have something called "no more tears." That Doesn't sting quite so much if you get it in your eyes.
    You might like to spend some time in rubbing the shampoo in as this can be relaxing as will.
    And good garegiver will now just how to do this for you.
    And after you have washed out all the shampoo if you drush your hair for a while this to will simulates the scalp and relieves stress naturally. And if you do have a care giver get them to Strok your hair in bed as this will have the same effect. You can get soft bristled brush from most baby isles in the supermarket.

    Before you put your night-time nappy on and get into your oneize you may need to do a who checks. Like looking under the bed, I also like to check that the wardrobe door is closed. No one from Narnia can come through accidentally and my bed room door is closed and I have my pacifier. And my soft toys. As it there job to keep any Monsters away in the night.

    If you are a caregiver you will need to give time for us to do this as rushing us will only thing we have to take longer doing it. And it will build anxiety in our heads, has will think that we've been bad or something.

    Once you have got night-time nappie and oneize and you have got into ded. It is bedtime story time.
    I listion to mine on my tablet while having a bottle of juice. But I think that most of us have warm milk with honey as this will also help us go to sleep.
    If you have a care giver the are very clever as they can read a story to you why brushing your head and holding your bottle for you.
    I don't have that so I cuddle Peter Rabbit, and suck my pacifier while listening to my story.

    Some of us are afraid of the dark a night light may not be enough.
    There is Pillow pets. Pillow pets make cuddly toys that glow in the dark. The glow relieves fear of the dark while the softness of the pet makes it a cuddly toy.

    No I can't think of anything else to add.

    If you can't sleep because of worrying I've been told to write things down, as that helps or brains to overthink things.

    Remember that person that didn't respond to your text' or has not returned your phone call. Are also busy, it's not because they don't like you.

    Hope this is going to help someone.


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    Nice lineup, Sisi. I like to spend a few minutes sitting up in bed and coloring. But that is because I can't get another time to do it.

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