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Thread: Brief Review of S. Korean Goodnites

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    Default Brief Review of S. Korean Goodnites

    Hi everyone! I know there have already been a few reviews of the S. Korean Goodnites running around since Cyberwolf organized that group buy. I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in to reinforce what has already been said.

    For those looking for a detailed review, please refer to Cyberwolf's personal review of the product. Much more in-depth. Cyberwolf's Review

    Admittedly I doubt I'm bringing new information to the table and this is a surface level review, but I was so satisfied I figured I may as well toss out my own opinion into the mix.

    For starters, I'm a size 30" waist, though I can hit 32" on the hips if I'm on a full stomach and my muscles are swollen from working out. Probably a bit of an exaggeration on the hip size, but point being I'm somewhere between 30-32 on my waist. 5'8.5" and 136lbs. Being a guy, I suppose it's also worth noting that I'm only average sized 'down there' so experiences may vary if one is well-endowed. Sorry if that's a bit forward for some people, but hey, when it comes to baby diapers and the like, every little inch makes a difference for the fit.

    First impressions:
    I absolutely LOVE the designs! While there's a special spot in my heart for the regular goodnite designs, they are definitely geared towards making kids feel a bit older with the camouflage designs and extreme sports styles. More power to them, but I've always been looking for a pull-up that closely resembles huggies pull-ups rather than 'big boy' underwear. In that regard, these pull-ups knock it out of the park. I instantly feel little when I put them on, and the tape on sides really cement in that little feeling for me.

    They also look a bit longer than the other American goodnites although they feel a bit thinner. I didn't notice a particular difference between the widths of the sides when stretched out.

    Trying them on:
    The pull-ups fit really well on me. They definitely have a higher rise than the American goodnites I have, which is a huge plus since I don't have to constantly adjust how it fits. Personally I didn't have a problem with the tape on sides at all, but I also made it a point not to pull the tapes apart to see how the sides held up.

    Again, they feel slightly thinner than the American goodnites. But that's not totally terrible in my opinion because it resembles the feel of trying to wear a Huggies pull-up. I've only been able to get a few Huggies on recently, but the thinness is very similar.

    I am using my pack sparingly, so I've only wet one so far. and when I wet it I flooded it. It handled it pretty well at first, but it definitely couldn't hold up a large wetting. To be fair though, I doubt the American goodnites would have done much better with the amount I put into the pull-up, but it didn't feel like the S. Korean version swelled up very much. So, perhaps the lack of swelling made me think it didn't hold as much but they were still comparable. Hard to say, I didn't give it a very controlled test.

    The one advantage I noticed was how well the sides held up while I slept. I toss and turn A LOT when I sleep, and this has a habit of actually ripping the sides of my American goodnites. This has only been happening recently which is strange, but perhaps I'm growing a bit more around the hips. It always seems to be the right lower part of the American sidings that rips, so I don't know if my muscles around there are growing or if I got a bad batch of goodnites.

    The S. Korean version however lasted the whole night without a single tear! I figured if anything the velcro sides would've ripped apart for sure if the American goodnites ripped, but they lasted just fine and are actually still able to be worn. That being said, it is still dry, and I'm sure my results will change greatly once they have some added water weight to them.

    Obviously supply and demand comes into play here. This pack of goodnites traveled almost halfway around the world for me to use and the price paid for convenience reflected that. I believe my total cost was close to $58 for one pack of 20 pull-ups, but that was primarily a large shipping cost. I believe the cost of the pack alone was around 37.50 including shipping to cyberwolf, so the rest was from the shipping over to my place.

    I can understand how this may dissuade some people right off the bat, however I could've gotten 2 packs for $80 and since I'm so ecstatic about these goodnites, I can honestly say that this is worth the cost for what I was looking for.

    I'm very satisfied with what I bought and the package arrived in a discreet brown box. I'd happily buy another pack or two as soon as I get some money. Well worth the investment from a DL who has been anxiously awaiting the type of pull-ups to bring him back to the feeling of having some huggies wrapped around himself.

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    Nice review BigKid25. I've got to do a controlled study of its absorption capacity.

    I'm glad you liked them.

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    indeed, they fit pretty well! lucky to have bought it! have fun wearing

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    I see what you did there.
    I was just going to say something...

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