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Thread: Outgrowing one role, going to another... Is it common?

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    Default Outgrowing one role, going to another... Is it common?

    K, this has been on my mind for a while. Most who know me know that I started off as a baby a long time ago and that was when I used to have to wear diapers. As I've gotten older, I've realized that I am no longer a baby. Yeah, I still sleep with my blankie and one of my whales every night... but that's my little quirk.

    Back in 2004, I was a daddy to an AB girl here in Ohio, and it did not work out due to someone meddling in my relationship with the AB girl and basically causing a problem. I found during that time, I liked being a daddy and it was the only time I was ever a hands-on daddy. I'd even gone out to stay with my AB at the time for two weeks until the other daddy got involved via online chats first as a 'uncle'.

    As I had been her daddy, I found I loved the role and I had a lot of fun being a daddy and I had a lot of fun being on that side of the change table, as I had never been able to be babied. Plus, I realized I loved more of my adult stuff than baby stuff.

    I was wondering if it happens often when you outgrow one side and learn you like another role. I have wondered if this has happened to others in the community who start off one role and go to another?


    I guess right now I'm going through a lot of self-exploration in my life.

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    My daddy is doing the same thing. tho hes being more of a daddy because of me then anything else >.< but he says he really likes it.

    Its quite intresting to see that and even ive "babied" somone before Online before and it appealed to me a little bit :3

    As for it being common... ya got me :/

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    I still consider myself more AB than anything, but sometimes the idea of me daddying my girlfriend can quite satisfying, and something i really hope to try someday.

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    My daddy also used to be a baby, and still kinda is. But he found that he really liked being a daddy to me.

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    I feel that there might be some sort of very repetitive complex going on with us when this happens.

    ~ I like being a baby.

    ~ I like being a parent.

    ~ I like being a parent because I can project my desires onto the baby

    ~ I like being a parent because I can project my desires onto the baby while imagining that I'm the parent.

    ~ I like....

    Etc. Etc.

    It's very confusing.

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    In my entire life I never really changed, though I have not played daddy to anyone, nor been babied by anyone. I do like to be called baby sometimes. It happens in the South. You buy something at a counter, and if it's a good 'ol southern girl, she might say, "That'll be $5.55 baby!" Sometimes my wife will play a little, but that's it. *sigh* Anyway, my desires never changed and they still remain strong. But some people do eventually outgrow it. Maybe that is happening to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    It happens in the South. You buy something at a counter, and if it's a good 'ol southern girl, she might say, "That'll be $5.55 baby!"
    Don't mean to hijack the thread, but is that "babe" or "baby"? I know with myself being a good 'ol southern girl, almost everyone is "babe". But only one person is "baby" to me.

    Ok, back on subject...I really enjoy being the mommy. I like to wear also, but only at night. I don't think I would like to be babied, just because I don't like to give up control.

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    I never thought I would like being a "mommy" to anyone.

    When I met up with an AB friend recently I actually quite enjoyed diaper changing and doing other "mommy" type things with him.

    I was nervous at the time cos it's not a role I feel totally comfortable with but I could get better with time. I did enjoy seeing him happy and knowing that I could comfort him and make him happy gave me a warm fuzzy feeling!

    You never know what might change..

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    Congratulations WildThing121675. Allowing yourself to reach beyond your existing "definitions" is a great way to grow. You clearly have an open mind which is the greatest asset to promote personal growth. Pondering the issues you are contemplating offers a wonderful opportunity for self exploration and reflection. I can only offer broad advice as you are a unique entity and therefore no one, except perhaps you, could fully understand all the variables that will affect your experiences. It's highly likely that you don;t even understand all the variables - if we were that aware then the element of surprise wouldn't exist. So the only offering I have is to continue reflection while maintaining an open mind. Perhaps this is somewhat contradictory. It's an enjoyable challenge to me when I reflect and then resist over strategizing so that I can't maintain an open mind and allow my experiences to take me places that I couldn't envision. For me that is the challenge. Reflection for clarity and maintaining an understanding that true clarity is likely unachievable - and we probably wouldn't want to achieve it. If we did we may very well limit our experiences and therefore our growth.

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    heh well funny thing is I do many roles just cause it can be fun and funny XD normally ima baby boy or baby wolf pup sometimes im a big brother or caretaker lol ive tries many things just for the heck of it sometimes.

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