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Thread: Doctors Appointment Today Finally

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    Default Doctors Appointment Today Finally

    I have my doctors appointment today regarding not having control of 1 & 2. I've been wearing diapers 24/7 since mid Decemeber. About just before March I was able to wet in my sleep and a few weeks ago I've lost control of 1 & 2. I really don't believe it's because I've been wearing diapers. I feel it's a coincidence. There has to be another issue.

    Anyways, what questions will the doctor ask? What test will they want to do? Will they want to do them today or am I going to need to make another appointment with a specialist?

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    Hi Aston
    Just tell your doctor whats happening, he will probably refer you to an urologist for testing, your doctor will definatly order some blood tests not sure what other tests a Family Doctor will order.

    hopefully your wait time is short for a specialist, due to your sudden issues he may be able to get you an appontment quicker.

    and remeber wearing diapers does not make you IC There may have been an issue before you started to wear.

    good luck with your appointment and try not to be embarressed when talking to the doctor..

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    Good luck with your appointment. Let us know how things turn out.

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    It is likely you will get an ultrasound and / or bloodwork done first and then end up visiting a urologist.

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    Well I have blood work tomorrow at 5:30 and urologist appointment for next Tuesday.

    The dr thinks it's tied in with my anxiety which I call BS. Will see what the urologist will say

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    Please keep us posted and hopefully everything will turn out fine

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