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    Default Not again!!!!!

    I have Depression and i feel overwhelmed by everyday tasks, it was Alright at First and now because he Wanted a pan of potatoes peeling and i Said i couldnt Do it, he started swearing and telling me to go away. I tried to Tell him that i Managed to Do 2 tasks that i couldnt Do for months and that i had no Choice over this. He didnt listen. I Wrote him a letter explaining why and saying that if he Forced me to Peel and chop potatoes i would be in a and e and bis kitchen Would be Tatters. I also Wrote how i wasnt Doing this to annoy him Or be lazy and i put that mental illness should be Seen als a physical illness and that you Cant Tell a Person with Cancer to get over it Same als you Cant Expect a depressed Person to get over depression. I told him about a letter but now he has Scoffed and Said noone Cares.

    He has Said he will Talk to me when he Comes back from visitier my mom in hospital. He is really impatient and he just Doesnt Understand , i tried telling him that i will better in a Few Months and i Can help him again. I just Ended up blubbering at the table.

    He has also told he wont be Taking me to College tommrrow and i get Money After every College day from the college with a Sum of 30 at the end of the week. I was thinking of staying in my Room, i Could make Myself Some Sandwiches and get water and i am Fine for the toilet ( diapers) Until the College day has finished. But i realised i wont get Money and i Need that Money for diapers. The Bus is 2.70 one way but i Could stop half way there and Walk the rest and just Walk all the way am i only have Five Pounds.

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    Plus i have toys, my iPad and earphones

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    I get the depression, it is not fun, and when it takes you for a ride you have no choice.
    Walking is probably a great choice to add to your schedule in order to find comfort in having your "little's" needs (and the exercise would do great with helping you through the depression as well).
    Do what you need to take care of yourself and if taking a break is helpful go ahead, just make sure you do not isolate too much. Find a support group or something where people accept you with your depression. We all need friends when we are struggling the most. I personally like to have someone physically there, though this place helps too.
    Check the hospital for support groups and see if you can find people near you that would help you.

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    My Situation is better, dad has seem to forgive me, but He's told my mom in Hospital and she is going to be disapointed in me and dad still Doesnt Believe that my Depression was behind it and he Thinks its an Excuse, it isn,t,! I think i should to Along with it he is going to Drive me to College tommrrow and he has given me Bus Money for the way back. Now i am just dreading my mom,s reaction...

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    Hello Angelic.

    I to have clinical Depression and work through it every day.

    swimkid gave some very good advice.

    I am not familiar with health care availability in the UK, but I can offer some of the standard US advice.

    If you can get professional help to deal with this. If I am reading your post right this is not your first time. Therefore it will keep happening and without the correct help it will only get worse.

    If there is any online or telephone help lines you should call them and they will help you to deal with everyday life issues. It sounds stupid to someone who has never gone through this, but it makes all the difference in your personal life. I still get frustrated when I am in a state and have to spend so much time "grounding" when a non depressed person can do it in a few seconds or minutes.

    If the money issue is what I understand and the UK schools are like the US schools there is a health services that you could go there and get the professional help that you need. Would that still Qualify you for your day money?

    I hope this helps.

    We do not have "practicing" professionals here, but this is still a support group and we could at least help you by telling you what works for us.

    Also if you look at the "School House Rocks ADISC" group. I have put some of the coping skills things that I have learned over the years in there for ADHD and coalmining.


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    As an autistic, I have had depression for decades.
    It is in remission, due to medication and psychotherapy.
    Having a "hard life" being a caregiver to a profoundly mentally-ill parent who could never be gotten into treatment sunk me into depression.
    I ended-up feeling that nothing I did to try to help the deranged nut-case who gave me life did any good.
    The feelings ended after she passed-away in a nursing home in 2008.

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