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Thread: Real accident today

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    Unhappy Real accident today

    I decided to take a long drive today and diapered up in a Tena overnighter. I normally don't diaper up when out but due to some recent medical issues, it's been required if I don't know where the closest facilities are. Well my drive took me about 60 miles from home. I had eaten some Chinese food and like normal had to use the restroom immediately afterwards. I got back on the road and was heading home when traffic came to a complete stop. It didn't take long to realize that their had been an accident on the highway. What's terrible about some of the back roads in the high country of Arizona is, if there is an accident, you can be sitting for hour's. As we started creeping along after close to 2 hours, my stomach started churning, it got worse and worse. I knew if this traffic didn't get moving along soon I wouldn't make it. Long story short, I didn't make it, but before I knew what was going to happen, I grabbed a towel from my back seat and managed to get It underneath me as I knew this wouldn't be pretty. I held it for as long as I could until whoosh, I was pouring mush out my bottom. It was another hour and a half before I got home. Thank god I put that towel beneath me, let's just say it was a complete mess. I prefer never to soil my diapers this way, but was happy I had made the decision to diaper up before leaving.
    This has been happening for close to 6 months now and my Dr's appointment isn't until June 7th. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    sorry you had an issue, I would recommend upgrading your diaper to a Dry 24/7 or an other premium plastic backed diaper, also plastic pants over the diaper.

    my combo is
    dry 24/7
    underware over the diaper
    plastic pants
    and now a onesie

    this combo has saved me a few times.

    i also have a seat protector as a just incase on rhe drivers side

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    Rob, thanks for the advice. I do often wear plastic pants over the diapers, but sometimes it just gets so uncomfortable and hot. I always wear underwear over my diapers, sometimes training pants too. :-)

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    You should try a pair of PUL (poly urethane laminate) "plastic" pants. Several companies sell Gary Active PUL's and LLMedico sells Netti PUL's as well as Garys. Although a bit expensive they are much cooler than the usual plastic pants and last way longer, even with machine washing. I think they are worth every penny.

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