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Thread: Using more nappies when sick

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    Default Using more nappies when sick

    Hi All

    I have had a cold the last few days. Still got it. Yesterday I decided to wear my nappies all day. Now I usually go through between two and three nappies excluding my night nappy.
    Well yesterday I went through about 6 nappies. Not only that, I had my first leak in public. Luckily I had darkish cloths on so wasn't to noticeable. I was kicking myself for not putting on waterproofs. I got so tired of changing by the end of the day that I decided not to wear to bed. Big mistake. Had to get up several times to go to toilet. I think I now know sort f what it must be like to be IC.

    I want to know if it is normal for one to go through more nappies when sick than when one is healthy. I put it down to my body trying to get rid of the bug.

    The other thing I want to know is that I was wearing my onsie. Can they cause my nappies to leak more because that is certainly what it felt like.

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    Definitely use more diapers when feeling less than perfect

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    when I'm not really feeling good I get up for food, drink, and #2. "Stay hydrated" they say. Normally that means getting up to piss every half hour. They don't know me vewwy well, do they?

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    Your onesie is there to keep your diaper in the optimal position for best protection, it prevents sagging and such, a proper sized and fitted onesie should not cause a diaper to leak,it should in actuality prevent leaks .
    This is also condidering you are wearing a proper absorbant product for your level of need and that it has been applied correctly, because you are not feeling well is it possible your taping is off or that maybe your diapers have a defective lot?

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    A while ago when I had a cold, I was drinking so much water that I was getting up and using the toilet once every ten minutes. Eventually I got tired of it and just put on a diaper; I managed to make a Bellissimo leak.

    To your question about onesies; a onesie actually helps your diaper's absorbency.

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    I'm urinary incon due to untraining and I certainly found I was going through more nappies. Not as dramatically as you did - from a little above 3.5 average per day to just over 5 - but more all the same. I also found that I was generally wetter when changing and leaked more (I wear a lot of black clothes nowadays so leaking is a much lesser concern for me).

    I've usually found that your onesie will only make your diaper leak if it's noticeably squeezing it. Just wearing a onesie shouldn't kill it.

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    Thanks all for your responses.

    Still feeling sick but much better than I started the post. I haven't used as many nappies as that day since.
    I have never leaked with my onsie on, so I think it's just my nappies were too full cause when I wet it wasn't dribbles it was floods.
    I was using Molicare mediums.

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