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    So I bought an AwwSoCute pacifier not too long ago and despite some complaints I didn't have any issues ordering from them and it arrived just fine. However after a while I noticed that the nipple part seems to be crooked, like it's not placed right.

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    That's about the best picture I could manage that shows what I'm talking about. It doesn't necessarily look bad but it is noticeable when I suck on it. It's not unusable but it can get a little irritating. I'm wondering if this is just a normal design feature of their pacifiers, or if it was a defect in the one I got? And if so, is there any way I could maybe fix it without ruining the pacifier? Thanks in advance!

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    The one I got in the past had this problem too. I don't know if they would respond to you about it. When they first launched their footed pj's they were actually really responsive about customer service, but I don't know about now. You do have to consider that it is about as cheap as you can get for an adult pacifier. I still like them though for what they are. I'm pretty sure they have their own manufacturing for the nipple because it isn't like the platex ones for the nuk 5.

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    It's a minor issue anyway and it's been a while so I don't know if it would be worth contacting them about, especially if it is a common thing and for that price (I got mine during a sale so it was only like $10 + shipping). I was more just curious if others here had experienced it. I agree that I do really like their nipple style, I haven't tried other silicone adult pacifiers but this style is definitely more of what I prefer in an adult pacifier (although I do wish it was a little bigger) so I wouldn't let a small issue like this stop me from using it. It's definitely a cheaper product, though. I'd be interested in seeing a more refined version, even if it costed as much as a Nuk 5.

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