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Thread: I got a new Pacifier!

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    Default I got a new Pacifier!

    It is the K2G Flowers Mulisha guard with a Latex Nuk 5, with a matching clip from pacifiersrus. I think i'm in love!! They did send me a sample of the ABU Little Pawz. The art is just too cute, I love it! The first paci I owned is a Silicone Nuk7, and I could never get over the hardness of the teat. It was also way too long for my liking. It would slip around my mouth way too much, and I would gag on it. So this being my second paci I was hoping this one would feel right. I slept so soundly sucking on itzzzzzz.

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    Woah, they make NUK 7s?? That's pretty intense.

    But for real, that's so cool of them to send you LittlePawz! I've heard Pacifiers R Us had amazing customer service, but that sounds awesome!

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