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Thread: What do you do when you leak at night?

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    Default What do you do when you leak at night?

    Last night I leaked a bit. Less than a tablespoon of urine. What do you do when it's this little? Let it dry and keep going, or change the entire sheet?

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    I change my sheets just because, but have you tried Super Undies Heavy Absorbencey diapers yet? They are amazing!!!!

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    Stained or not, my sheets are changed once a week on washday, never before.

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    I'm incontinent and sleep right through the night regardless of how much I leak. Sometimes I'll wake of I roll on to a cold wet spot, but I usually roll back to the dry side and fall back to sleep. I have a washable pad as well as plastic mattress protectors. Th pad gets washed when it starts to smell bad.

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    whether or not it stains depends on (A) the amount and (B) the concentration. If you're well-hydrated, a small leak won't leave a visible stain. Most large leaks will leave a stain, simply because the material acts as a filter and you get a "tidal wave" effect where the impurities for some reason get deposited on the edge when it dries, leading to peripheral / ring stains.

    Best thing to do if you're worried it keep it wet until you can wash it. Once the urea dries, it crystalizes into a NON water soluable form and will trap the pollutants in a form that's very hard to remove with washing. (and this is also why it's so hard to get the smell of cat piss out of things) That's the idea behind the "wet pail", you don't let it dry until you can clean it.

    I've woke up around 5-6am on a Saturday to a major leak, and as annoying as it was, I got up and changed, and took the sheet down and tossed it in the washer along with my jammies and started it.

    If you can't toss in the wash immediately, find a pail and stuff the wet materials in and add several inches of water. You don't need to fill the bucket, just add enough that it will wick up into all the material and keep it all wet until you can launder it. You could even stuff it into a large (1 or 2 gal?) ziploc and add some water, that would make a fairly easy thing to set aside for later management.

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    if it's a tiny leak like yours I usually blot with water and let it dry

    anything more than that and I strip the sheets. Luckily leaks aren't too common

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merp View Post
    I'm incontinent and sleep right through the night regardless of how much I leak. Sometimes I'll wake of I roll on to a cold wet spot, but I usually roll back to the dry side and fall back to sleep.
    Same as Merp. If I leak, I leak. I'm sort of a light sleeper but that's just for noise in the home, if it stays quiet, dark and cool in the room during the night then I stay asleep.
    If it's just a small little spot I wake up in the morning and it's as you described "Less than a tablespoon" then I'm not gonna worry about it. I change my sheets every week and a half anyway.
    But If my diaper + booster somehow fails catastrophically and there were to be a sizeable leak and I woke up because of a cold damp spot in the night having totally soaked the sheets then a sheet change might be in order >u<

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    Big leak sheets and pads are changed and washed , little leaks even when fairly large can dry and wait till wash day which for the bedding is once a week

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    Occasionally waking to the discomfort of leaks I often end up changing my diaper & pajamas to get back to sleep. However, even when wet, the sheets remain in place till washday.

    As a side note, one night recently I woke to a leaking diaper and because it was close to morning opted to go without. That was a mistake.

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