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Thread: Tips on Simulating Messing

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    Question Tips on Simulating Messing

    Im about to have a whole weekend to myself, and i wanna try simulated messing again! it was exciting last time i tried, but had some problems on the way in doing it.

    I've tried this before, but last time i tried, it didnt go as planned as i thought. When i tried to put the "goo" into the diaper it got really messy really fast!
    Im wondering if theres something you can use to put it inside/under the diaper.

    Also, how much do you make of the "goo", last time i made a little too much, since when sitting, it just slid right through the sides of my diaper

    appreciate all help!

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    hmm...idk what "goo" is, but I recommend oatmeal. I use quick oats, as it gets mushier and doesn't have what I would expect to be sharp edges in the old-fashioned kind. You can make it to any viscosity, from thinner than diarrhea to thick, dry logs. As far as putting it in the diaper, I reccomend a zploc bag, so you can sit down on it and feel the oozing out part you might be after.

    I, on the other hand, have a method of putting it in know, up there. Please, mods, if this is tmi, let me know:
    PLEASE DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. I AM NOT LIABLE FOR ANY INJURIES...this is something I have been doing for over a year, and have experience with it. I thought I would just give everyone an idea of how to do this rather safely...Sorry to take over your thread, OP, but I feel it is time to pass on this information. That being said, prepare to enjoy pooping your diaper, smell-free

    At Lowe's or Home Depot, you can go to the plumbing aisles and find some PVC tubing. There are many there that are 8-12 feet long, but if you look around, you can find a small pile of ~3 ft long pipes of different size bores. You should be able to find two pipes of different bores that slide into one another, but rather loosely. One will be ~1 inch bore and the other ~1.5 inches...
    Now, get some electrical tape. All in all, this project shouldn't cost you much over $10.

    Take the smaller pipe and wrap the end closed, and wrap around the outside of the same end until it slides snugly into the larger pipe, sort of like a plunger in a syringe, but much larger and there's no needle.

    Then, wrap around the outer edge and the top of the larger pipe, so that when pressed into your butt, there's no sharp edges digging into your skin.

    What you do now, once your oatmeal is made and set at the right temperature (a little warm, but not too hot), is fill the outer pipe, using your hands, a spoon, or however. I like around 1 full cup of dry oatmeal, to about 1.75 cups water, cooked, and chilled for a short time. This gets a little messy, so make sure you have quick, easy access to water and towels. Anyway, you should have some amount of oatmeal in the tube, and if done well, won't have any air bubbles.

    Take the smaller "plunger" tube, and slide it into the larger pipe until it is just about to push out the oatmeal.

    Here's the fun/weird part. Also HAVE YOUR DIAPER UNFOLDED AND READY:

    Be standing, but be prepared to squat, so be around something you can hold on to (a railing, table top, etc.)

    Get the E-taped end of the large bore pipe, set it flush on your butt, around the opening. Make sure nothing can escape around the edges. The E-taped ring and your skin should form a pseudo-seal.
    Now, turn your oatmeal syringe upright and, using your weight, slowly push down on the smaller pipe, which should be sticking out the end of the larger pipe.

    You might be able to feel the oatmeal pressing against your hole. Just keep pushing slightly while trying to relax the muscles. You should be able to feel the oatmeal getting pushed into your cavity. Keep pushing down until you start to feel a SLIGHT discomfort. Too much oatmeal in there and it could get quite uncomfortable.

    Once you're at capacity, hold your cheeks tight as possible, to prevent the oatmeal from escaping. Set the pipes aside, on a towel or something easy to clean up.

    Now, diaper up! quickly, as the oatmeal should be itching to ooze out. Now you can wait for it to come out on its own, strain a bit and try to keep it in, or push it all out at once. I find any of these to be fun

    So you should have messed yourself, without the harsh, rash-inducing real deal. Plus, there's no smell. You can go about your day with it in your diaper. It won't harm you.

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    Mashed potatoes work pretty good and if they aren't firm enough mix flour into them until you get the consistency you like. As a cook I have access to free mashed on a daily basis that would otherwise go in the trash at the end of my shift. Bananas work nice, but I like them and would rather eat them and let nature take it's course then to waste them.

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    well, i dont want to sound like a smartass! but since most hardware stores close early i made up a fast DIY project!
    i went out into the garage and found on of my old fishing poles, and took it apart, one of those telescope ones. i found some caps and taped up one of them, and boom! a mini project in 20 min :3 cant wait to test it out! it even has some soft stuff on the handle, so i filed the wood down i little so the stuffing is sticking out more.

    Thanks alot of telling me this method! will definently have some fun tonight )Click image for larger version. 

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    mashed potatoes sound like fun aswell! that wont give you that "bite" feeling in the mess x3 more smooth i suppose?

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    Nice! That looks like it'll work well. You may not reach capacity with that unless you reload it a couple times, but otherwise it looks even better than my pvc setup

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    I'll bring up an alternative. Get an icing bag. It's s pouch with different types of nozzles for effects. This is mt methods and effective.

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    The previous post is another method I've used. Be very very careful inserting anything into you "exit hole"... I have a scar on my anal sphincter that gets super irritated when I have diareah
    And it hurts bad. You all have probly seen the device one uses to suck boogers out of a babys nose, well, that's what I hurt my butt with... My advice on this topic is eat a lot and naturally poop your diaper. Doing shit like pumping food into your butt so you can enjoy the big mess it will create in your diaper is NOT worth the risk. Be safe and don't hurt yourself.

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    The easiest way to get int into the diaper cleanly is to make a little package with plastic wrap and pop it by sitting on it.

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