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    Is it worth getting one just for diapers? Currently my father has been home more often. Can't go into details, but I'm hating it. He's around everyday. Even my precious days off are ruined by him being around. I only had one diaper let and I used it to de-stress tonight. I'm still having my resume looked over so I haven't be able to go for that new job. I'm still wondering if living here is worth it. I would rather be on own, but it's hard on my pay rate and I have no idea where else to start over again. I'm getting off track. I don't know if I should spend the money for a box. I don't order diapers that often, so I'm not seeing the payout.

    Sorry about the random detour, but I thought some might people like a little update

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    To let you know, some companies don't allow PO Box addresses. However, some UPS Stores have mailboxes and if you own a box, you can receive anything from anyone.

    If you don't want a box, they'll accept packages at the store for you. You'll just pay $5 per package. Fedex Offices do the same thing. If you're only ordering a handful amount of times per year, you'd be better off just paying $5 per package rather than the monthly rate wick I believe is about $15.

    To do this you just put the store address as the shipping address. On line 2, your phone number. They'll call you upon arrival. Some franchise locations don't do this so call the designated store and ask if they allow it before you act.

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    Find a UPS Store and ask if they'll receive packages for you without a box. Many will. You'll pay them $5 to receive and hold a package for you. If the seller will ship FedEx, you can also ask them to ship with "Hold at FedEx Location" service. Then find the nearest FedEx store and tell them to ship it there.

    Unless you're ordering diapers constantly, having a box with a monthly fee is probably overkill.

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    All we have here is a small fedex shop, but I think it's a part of another type of store, so I'm not if they do what everyone was talking about.

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    I have had a PO Box since the days I lived with my parents, like 35 years back, it is good for many things including that there is no mail service where I live now but diaper shipments are much more expensive to the box compared to Fedex or UPS.

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    My USPS post office will accept packages from UPS and FedEx when the ship-to address is "postoffice street address #poboxnumber". This may be an option for you, I would ask if your PO offers this service.

    FedEx has an Office location (copies, graphic services, and open late) and if I need to, I can change the delivery address to that location on the fly while it's enroute.

    With either option, I can pick it up after work or when I get back from a trip. It's a convenient time-shift.

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