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    Question What to Do?

    Hi. I'm new here. My incontinence has gotten to a point where I'm in adult briefs at ALL times. I've seen doctors and there's pretty much nothing to do about it, so oh well, looks like I have to cope.

    Here's my dilemma: I'm 19, and living in a college dorm. I can handle being incontinent in this dorm, not really a big issue. But, in 1 month's time, I'll be moving back in with my Mom for the summer. She doesn't know about my incontinence. I would like to avoid any awkward situations, so telling her is a must. But how? She's prone to worry too much about things that are pretty normal for me, so I need to tell her in a way that won't worry her too much.

    Advice? Suggestions?

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    I would say it is a non-issue. If there is nothing the MD can do, then why worry about it.

    Just be glad you do not have my mother. She would make it into something she did wrong and lay a guilt trip on me for letting it happen. (i.e. when I told her I was diagnosed with ADD and it was fueling my suicidal depression.

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    That's EXACTLY how my Mom is. She completely denied it when I told her I was bipolar. I'm afraid she'll freak out and waste a ton of money taking me back to doctors.

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