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Thread: It's tough being a human toothpick... :/

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    Default It's tough being a human toothpick... :/

    Being a human toothpick is not necessarily desirable if you're an ABDL and you want some nice plastic-backed diapers. I have to get small size because, well, I'm a toothpick. I suppose that Dry 24/7's work fine, but they're a little big on me and I can only imagine that I would be swimming in an Abena M4. Are there any fellow toothpick brethren that know of any good PE brands? Thanks in advance !!

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    find a way to make "diaper suspenders", and sell them Or just wear a onesie to keep your padding up.

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    What's your waist and hip size? A small dry 24/7 is about the same size as an abena m4, so you could probably make it fit. A lot of times it's just a matter of taping right. I'm in between small and medium sizes (29 inch waist, 30 inch hips) but have successfully worn both molicare large and XP absorbency+ large. Granted it was no where near discreet, but it actually worked surprisingly well for sleeping in since the padding nearly wrapped around and came halfway up my torso.

    That said, molicare makes some nice plastic backed diapers in small, and I believe northshore supremes now come in plastic backed small as well. Unfortunately the two other makers of premium plastic backed smalls, Abena and Tena, have both left that market.

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    ive got a 29" waist, and use Tranquility Atn, in medium. they are a bit big, but are still comfy to wear and I get a lot out of them. they are plastic backed as well

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    I have a 27" waist, 28" hip. When I tried the Dry 24/7, the tapes met in the middle, which wasn't a huge kicker but I would like to maybe find some other diapers that don't do that. Thank you so much for your reply, btw, it really helped

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    I am 5'7" and 114 pounds so human toothpick is a familiar concept,my best friend frequently tells me her left led wieghs more than me.
    I too wear ATN's as my everyday diaper if i'm not wearing my cloth contours. The one thing that makes my life easier is being in a wheelchair, that gives me a plump middle and my diapers can not fall down as i sit on them full time( all of us in chairs get a plump middle even if we font have a lick of fat anywhere in our bodies).
    One thing i can tell you is medium diapers can be worn even by extremely thin people, if you take a medium and place a "doubler" across the front just above the level wear the standing leakgurds end makes them fit better( you have to use a doubler with an adhesive strip, i like the Medline double up liners they are cost effective and diaper effective), of course you can place the liner anywhere it feels comfortable to you and takes up the "slack" in the diaper, and as a bojus it can keep you from leaking out the waist when laying down.

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    As far as small diapers go, Molicare Super Plus is my main go-to. I've been digging wearing mediums for a while now, though; makes me feel a bit more babyish wearing a bigger diaper.

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